#5 Taking your Next Step - Developing your Support Toolbox with Tyah Pinnock

1h 32m | Jul 31, 2021

Tyah is Head of Communications at NHS Practitioner Health, a leading mental health treatment service for health professionals. She has a high profile role leading on the organisation’s strategic communications, digital design, engagement and communications team. Tyah used her creativity skills gained from her Fashion and Marketing degree, alongside her understanding of the NHS to help her successfully transition into communications roles, after starting off as an administrator.

Tyah is passionate about improving access to mental health support for both children and adults. She champions the importance of knowing when you need to access any type of support; to make it easily accessible to all and removing the stigma associated with mental health support.

Tyah was my special guest for session 5 of my 7 part webinar series 'Be Yourself, Back Yourself & Make it Happen'. This episode is a recording of the session. Tyah speaks about using her mentoring relationship to help her understand how to navigate and deliver as a high profile leader in the organisation. She shares her insights and reflections on this, other support tools she uses and her career and leadership journey to date. We speak about:

  • The right development tools for your toolbox
  • Coaching, mentoring and leadership development
  • Using your 'Spikes' to help yourself and others
  • Visualising your future - exploring what you really need to get there

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Monique Carayol is an award-winning ambitious change maker and a former executive director in healthcare (NHS) who's now fulfilling her purpose of building a movement of brave leaders 'so that together we tackle society's fundamental needs'. She shares her leadership experience and insights gained from a 20 year corporate career, starting as a PA and navigating her way up to a board level executive director role.

Throughout the podcast series, Monique will:

  • Encourage you to be yourself
  • Support you to back yourself
  • Guide you on how to take practical steps to help you as an aspiring brave leader at any level to make it happen

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Be Yourself, Back Yourself & Make it Happen with Monique Carayol