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Let's get to know each other, I'm Jonathan Torres. I created this The JTH Show with everyday people in mind, that strive to achieve extraordinary things. I'm also a talker... duh right, that's why I have a podcast. I like to discuss and hear opinions regarding just about anything. I've also built four successful brands/businesses and wish to pass on any "know-how" to aspiring entrepreneurs. But don't worry, you'll have tons of fun, who knows, maybe one day you might be on the JTH Show!

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Updates & Your Right To Happiness | Ep.#042 JTH Show
Show Details20min 4s
Disgusting Side of Distance Learning | Ep.#041 JTH Show
Show Details46min 4s
Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation? | Ep.#040 JTH Show
Show Details18min 41s
How Diverse is YOUR Mentality? | Ep.#039 JTH Show
Show Details21min 10s
Opportunity Timing | Ep.#038 JTH Show
Show Details15min 10s
Why I'm Leaving California | Ep.#037 JTH Show
Show Details20min 51s
Let's Talk About #SaveTheChildren | Ep.#036 JTH Show
Show Details27min 20s
Netflix Movie: Cuties | Ep.#035 JTH Show
Show Details19min 55s
Can My Wife Have A Boy Friend | Ep.#034 JTH Show
Show Details24min 42s
COVID Chicken Wings and Uber Lyft Lawsuit | Ep.#032 JTH Show
Show Details33min 57s
Kamala Harris and COVID back in New Zealand | Ep.#031 JTH Show
Show Details25min 12s
Garrett Foster and the Austin, TX shooting | Ep.#029 JTH Show
Show Details43min 42s
Who Else is Tied to Jeffrey Epstein | Ep.#028 JTH Show
Show Details50min 48s
Let's Talk LinkedIn | Ep.#027 JTH Show
Show Details16min 43s
It Isn't Just About Your Skills | Ep.#026 JTH Show
Show Details23min 19s
F***K Your Cancel Culture | Ep.#025 JTH Show
Show Details29min 12s
Street Vendors | Ep.#024 JTH Show
Show Details32min 10s
Vanessa Guillen, Fort Hood, and the Military | Ep.#023 JTH Show
Show Details40min 27s
Albuquerque, New Mexico Statue Protest (UPDATES) | Ep.#022 JTH Show
Show Details30min 14s
UFO 'Official', Per U.S. Government | Ep.#021 JTH Show
Show Details9min 21s
Elon Musk, Scarier Than A.I.? | Ep.#020 JTH Show
Show Details21min 9s
America to Reopen, What's Next | Ep.#019 JTH Show
Show Details27min 2s
Asperity, Hostility, and Violence | Ep.#018 JTH Show
Show Details17min 25s
Protest and Demonstrators | Ep.#017 JTH Show
Show Details28min 34s
COVID-19 Con Alerts | Ep.#016 JTH Show
Show Details20min 22s
People That Want To Be Scared | Ep.#015 JTH Show
Show Details28min 32s
Tijuana, Immune To Coronavirus? | Ep.#014 JTH Show
Show Details57min 1s
Coronavirus Updates | Ep.#013 JTH Show
Show Details20min 11s
A Conversation About Gabriel Fernandez, and More. | Ep.#012 JTH Show
Show Details33min 59s
Let's Talk TikTok | Ep.#011 JTH Show
Show Details38min 4s
Let's Talk Coronavirus | Ep.#010 JTH Show
Show Details28min 48s
Type of Team Members | Ep.#009 JTH Show
Show Details9min 7s
Figure It Out (Response) | Ep.#008 JTH Show
Show Details17min 20s
Job Titles. They Are Important! | Ep.#007 JTH Show
Show Details29min 21s
Educate Your Team | Ep.#006 JTH Show
Show Details21min 4s
Your Job: Why You Feel Stuck (Or It Sucks) | Ep.#005 JTH Show
Show Details28min 7s
Work Cancers: Is That You? | Ep.#004 JTH Show
Show Details32min 17s
Relationship Meme 'Comedy' (Garbage) | Ep.#003 JTH Show
Show Details34min 53s
Tipping and Gratuities | Ep.#002 JTH Show
Show Details32min 59s
Talk Before You Act | Ep.#001 JTH Show
Show Details16min 35s