Abducting A Scientist

Episode 266
59m | Jun 10, 2024

Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we dive into a book by Bruce Rapuano. Its called Dominion Lost - A scientists own alien abduction. In the first episode we go through an early encounter he had with a mysterious object in the sky. After further analyzing it later on in life he quickly realizes that it may have not just been a simple object in the sky. This may have involved Bruce a lot more than the normal person would want. Because after talking to people he put together that he was missing some time during this encounter. Bruce also begins to unlock doors into his mind and unravel mysterious that weren’t meant to be learned. It’s a truly bizarre story to say the least. Also it relates to Kyle a lot more than he would want it to as well. It’s the first time he’s read encounters that so closely match his. We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird. 

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