Abducting A Scientist Pt.2

Episode 267
1h 6m | Jun 17, 2024

Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we get right back into Abducting A Scientist. This time we dive into implants and life long causes of things like this. As a boy Bruce would get bloody noses, which is a common thing for some children. The odd part was when Bruce went to have surgery and get his tonsils removed. The surgeon noticed that Bruce had signs of another surgery even though he’s never had surgery before. Then Bruce is able to recall memories of a time when he awoke in the hallway with no memory of anything and had blood running out of his nose. When out of no where he heard a voice tell him to “not let them see the blood”. Because at this time Bruce’s mom and brother were coming into the apartment. Bruce is also convinced that due to generational abductions his grandfather fell ill and ended up passing due to the same surgery Bruce was subject to as a kid. We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird. 

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