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B&B Speaks It

Welcome to B&B Speaks It. We are married couple who love God and love to have real life conversations. On this podcast we talk about our ideas on Race and Culture (including Pop Culture) from our perspective, and a host of other things. So, sit back, relax and let's get into it.


Ep. 008 The Curious Case of White Privilege | Brian Laundrie
Show Details20min 29s
Ep. 007 One HELL of a Week- DMX | Duante Wright | Lt. Nazario | Adam Toledo | Walking While Black in SC
Show Details46min 15s
Ep. 006 Sharon vs. Sheryl: The Double Standard
Show Details24min 39s
Ep. 005 The Colored Hockey League and its Impact | Willie O'Ree
Show Details26min 8s
Ep. 004 Why are Black people being targeted to get vaccinated? | Hank Aaron | Tyler Perry | Stream of Income for the day
Show Details25min 52s
Ep. 003 Implicit Bias in Health Care- Part Two
Show Details15min 34s
Ep. 002 Implicit Bias in Health Care- Part One
Show Details21min 21s
Ep. 001 The Tale of Two Americas, plus Entrepreneurship Idea of the Day: Reselling
Show Details27min 16s
Ep. 000 - Intro
Show Details3min 15s