Rifts & Rules: A 5e Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

We cover the rules of 5e D&D with our two hosts, Remy, a player on Riftwake and a Dungeon Master in his own right, and Mitch, a player on Riftwake and taking over for Nathan while he's away. This show airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM UTC.


Rifts and Brews: Episode 2 The World of Oranth
Show Details49min 58s
Rifts and Brews: Episode 1 The Lugon Project
Show Details43min 37s
Holiday Announcements!
Show Details54s
Episode 224: Dragonborn
Show Details28min 25s
Episode 223: Gem Dragons
Show Details32min 1s
Episode 222: Calendars
Show Details20min 45s
Episode 221: Disintegrate
Show Details24min 9s
Episode 220: Great Wyrms
Show Details46min 38s
Episode 219: Mythic Monsters and Divine Aspects
Show Details46min 34s
Episode 218: Soul Magic
Show Details22min 45s
Episode 217: Blood Magic
Show Details30min 20s
Episode 216: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Part 2 Draconic Gifts
Show Details22min 41s
Episode 215: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Part 1
Show Details47min 26s
Episode 214: Halloween Sessions!
Show Details41min 46s
Episode 213: Horror
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 212: Hit Points
Show Details27min 41s
Episode 211: Immovable Rod
Show Details31min 8s
Episode 210: Resurrecting Enemies
Show Details28min 22s
Episode 209: Bloodied
Show Details14min 15s
Episode 208: Stat Manuals and Tomes
Show Details22min 31s
Episode 207: Archfey and Domains of Delight
Show Details59min 44s
Episode 206: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
Show Details48min 12s
Episode 205: Shield Guardian
Show Details40min 27s
Episode 204: Golems
Show Details39min 27s
Episode 203: Weregild
Show Details20min 29s
Episode 202: Peter's Evil Overlord List Pt 2
Show Details46min
Episode 201: Peter's Evil Overlord List Pt 1
Show Details48min 28s
Episode 200: Fan Submissions
Show Details48min 15s
Episode 199: The Deck of Many Things
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 198: Magical Protections
Show Details54min 16s
Episode 197: Banking
Show Details38min 49s
Episode 196: Bounties
Show Details28min 11s
Episode 195: Restraints
Show Details34min 26s
Episode 194: Gambling
Show Details37min 14s
Episode 193: Travel
Show Details41min 37s
Episode 192: Extradimensional Spaces
Show Details44min 24s
Episode 191: Difficulty Class
Show Details33min 59s
Episode 190: Child Murder
Show Details29min 50s
Episode 189: Slavery
Show Details58min 3s
Episode 188: Magic in Darst
Show Details48min 33s
Episode 187: Variant Skill Checks
Show Details26min 59s
Episode 186: Sentient Magic Items
Show Details40min 13s
Episode 185: Becoming a God
Show Details40min 13s
Nathan Farewell Meetup
Show Details39s
Episode 184: Decanter of Endless Water
Show Details35min 57s
Episode 183: Cheese
Show Details26min 24s
Episode 182: Languages
Show Details32min 17s
Episode 181: Magic Portraits
Show Details38min 13s
Episode 180: Magical Locations
Show Details34min 58s
Episode 179: Magic in Your World
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 178: Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: Dark Gifts
Show Details38min 20s
Episode 177: Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: Curses
Show Details44min 44s
Episode 176: Animals In Cities
Show Details37min 25s
Episode 175: Pets
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 174: Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: Darklords
Show Details42min 46s
Episode 173: Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: Domains of Dread
Show Details31min 36s
Episode 172: D&D Modern
Show Details40min 25s
Episode 171: Anachronisms
Show Details33min 46s
Episode 170: Playing Characters by Abilities
Show Details41min 56s
Episode 169: Ability Scores
Show Details36min 14s
Episode 168: Worship
Show Details31min 57s
Episode 167: Theatre
Show Details38min 10s
Episode 166: Warforged
Show Details43min 32s
Episode 165: Crafting a Magic Item
Show Details40min 59s
Episode 164: Healers
Show Details34min 17s
Episode 163: Goodberry
Show Details41min 48s
Episode 162: Adventuring Party
Show Details27min 28s
Episode 161: Finding A Group
Show Details13min 34s
Episode 160: Proficiency and Expertise
Show Details24min 48s
Episode 159: Skills
Show Details35min 1s
Episode 158: Candlekeep Mysteries
Show Details55min 35s
Episode 157: Libraries
Show Details32min 37s
Episode 156: Skill Challenge
Show Details16min 59s
Episode 155: Chases
Show Details17min 59s
Episode 154: Crit!
Show Details36min 22s
Episode 153: Inspiration
Show Details35min 31s
Episode 152: Slaad
Show Details23min 10s
Episode 151: Crimes against Humanity
Show Details36min 36s
Episode 150: Brothels
Show Details28min 34s
Episode 149: Drugs
Show Details43min 18s
Episode 148: Objects
Show Details27min 15s
Episode 147: Injuries
Show Details16min 48s
Episode 146: Find Steed
Show Details34min 48s
Episode 145: Spellcasting Services
Show Details56min 37s
Episode 144: Magic Item Prices
Show Details36min 16s
Episode 143: Hirelings
Show Details50min 23s
Episode 142: Vampires
Show Details55min 4s
Episode 141: Funerals
Show Details46min 59s
Episode 140: Diseases
Show Details46min 56s
Episode 139: Ships
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 138: Profanity
Show Details32min 6s
Episode 137: Nobility (Part 2)
Show Details40min 42s
Episode 136: Minor Properties
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 135: Traps
Show Details52min 45s
Episode 134: Nobility (Part 1)
Show Details19min 24s
Episode 133: Economics
Show Details28min 59s
Episode 132: Spellcasting Focus
Show Details23min 45s
Episode 131: Time Magic
Show Details38min 12s
Episode 130: Changing Characters
Show Details20min 20s
Episode 129: Ending a Campaign
Show Details16min 38s
Episode 128: Retcon
Show Details26min 9s
Episode 127: Session Zero
Show Details25min 53s
Episode 126: Holidays
Show Details37min 35s
Episode 125: Magic Food
Show Details49min 3s
Episode 124: Government
Show Details47min 42s
Episode 123: Accents
Show Details24min 9s
Episode 122: Magic Tattoos
Show Details29min 40s
Episode 121: Weather
Show Details25min 12s
Episode 120: Tasha’s Optional Class Features
Show Details49min 3s
Episode 119: Tasha’s Character Options
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 118: Fame
Show Details28min 27s
Episode 117: Heroic Chronicle
Show Details45min 27s
Episode 116: Teleportation
Show Details37min 31s
Episode 115: Quests
Show Details25min 24s
Episode 114: Guards
Show Details32min 23s
Episode 113: Level Demographics
Show Details36min 27s
Episode 112: Problem Players
Show Details31min 2s
Episode 111: Types of Players
Show Details33min 59s
Episode 110: Book of Vile Darkness
Show Details49min 16s
Episode 109: Artifacts
Show Details33min 9s
Episode 108: Food & Drink
Show Details26min 7s
Episode 107: Strongholds
Show Details39min 5s
Episode 106: Safaris
Show Details26min 14s
Episode 105: Guilds
Show Details33min 54s
Episode 104: Dire Creatures
Show Details30min 23s
Episode 103: Wild Shape
Show Details52min 29s
Episode 102: News
Show Details29min 46s
Episode 101: Changing Plans
Show Details25min 16s
Episode 100: Werewolves
Show Details40min 1s
Episode 99: The Adventurer's Guide to Theria
Show Details40min 17s
Episode 98: Harvesting
Show Details30min 7s
Episode 97: Training
Show Details21min 31s
Episode 96: Circus
Show Details38min 13s
Episode 95: Awaken
Show Details30min 7s
Episode 94: Snipers
Show Details33min 22s
Episode 93: Flying
Show Details38min 2s
Episode 92: Hags
Show Details37min 56s
Episode 91: Swamps
Show Details26min 40s
Episode 90: Cosmology
Show Details25min 13s
Episode 89: Maps
Show Details36min
Episode 88: Siege Weapons
Show Details33min 29s
Episode 87: Weapons
Show Details32min 23s
Episode 86: Armour
Show Details43min 49s
Episode 85: Taboos
Show Details18min 56s
Episode 84: Immortality
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 83: Roleplaying Vs Roll Playing
Show Details21min 47s
Episode 82: Railroading
Show Details23min 8s
Episode 81: Trains
Show Details23min 9s
Episode 80: Alcohol
Show Details31min 8s
Episode 79: Antimagic
Show Details25min 28s
Episode 78: Firearms
Show Details37min 37s
Episode 77: Oversized Weapons
Show Details27min 56s
Episode 76: Epic Monsters
Show Details38min 24s
Episode 75: Tarrasque
Show Details27min 19s
Episode 74: Elves
Show Details40min 24s
Episode 73: Numbers Vs Explosions
Show Details26min 39s
Episode 72: Bag of Holding
Show Details32min 5s
Episode 71: Senses
Show Details31min 11s
Episode 70: Spell Points
Show Details28min 18s
Episode 69: Sex Magic
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 68: Dwarves
Show Details36min 19s
Episode 67: Small Parties
Show Details31min 23s
Episode 66: Mimics
Show Details25min 15s
Episode 65: Party Balance
Show Details26min 16s
Episode 64: Sidekicks Experts and Spellcasters
Show Details37min 22s
Episode 63: Sidekicks Basics and Warriors
Show Details30min 40s
Episode 62: Criminal Justice
Show Details45min 46s
Episode 61: Evil Campaigns
Show Details23min 3s
Episode 60: Humans
Show Details25min 20s
Episode 59: Campaign Pacing
Show Details21min 11s
Episode 58: Tanks
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 57: Wildemount Subclasses and Magic
Show Details44min 47s
Episode 56: Feats
Show Details31min 9s
Episode 55: Conditions
Show Details28min 38s
Episode 54: Afterlife
Show Details23min 36s
Episode 53: Gods In Your World
Show Details38min 23s
Episode 52: Dungeons
Show Details34min 43s
Episode 51: Devils
Show Details37min 28s
Episode 50: Dragons
Show Details37min
Episode 49: Multiclassing
Show Details42min 15s
Episode 48: Adventurers
Show Details23min 8s
Episode 47: Political Correctness
Show Details36min 45s
Episode 46: Underwater
Show Details22min 53s
Episode 45: Demons
Show Details25min 55s
Episode 44: Large Scale Combat
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 43: True Polymorph
Show Details21min 36s
Episode 42: The Answers!
Show Details29min 9s
Episode 41: High Level Play
Show Details33min 37s
Episode 40: Wizards
Show Details53min 2s
Episode 39: Surprise, Cover & Hiding
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 38: Sorcerers
Show Details35min 51s
Episode 37: Mindflayers
Show Details28min 51s
Episode 36: Rogues
Show Details49min 52s
Episode 35: Session Prep
Show Details24min 4s
Episode 34: Rangers
Show Details57min 15s
Episode 33: Alignment
Show Details23min 5s
Episode 32: Paladins
Show Details54min 45s
Episode 31: Necromancy
Show Details32min 19s
Episode 30: Monks
Show Details43min 31s
Episode 29: Inside Out v.s. Outside In
Show Details20min 57s
Episode 28: Fighters
Show Details28min 37s
Episode 27: Voices
Show Details16min 58s
Episode 26: Druids
Show Details43min 44s
Episode 25: Beholders
Show Details54min 58s
Episode 24: Clerics
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 23: Wish
Show Details35min 45s
Episode 22: Bards
Show Details29min 59s
Episode 21: Combat Balance
Show Details13min 13s
Episode 20: Barbarians
Show Details32min 8s
Episode 19: Building a Town
Show Details45min 13s
Episode 18: Artificers
Show Details34min 25s
Episode 17: Patrons
Show Details27min 16s
Episode 16: Villains
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 15: Social Contract
Show Details30min 53s
Episode 14: Movement
Show Details35min 37s
Episode 13: Character Backstories
Show Details22min 55s
Episode 12: Trolls
Show Details23min 47s
Episode 11: Prestidigitation
Show Details26min 57s
Episode 10: Making NPCs
Show Details15min 54s
Episode 9: Experience
Show Details26min 24s
Episode 8: Gold
Show Details23min 23s
Episode 7: Spellcasting
Show Details29min 15s
Episode 6: Warlocks
Show Details23min 35s
Episode 5: Death & Dying
Show Details19min 38s
Episode 4 : Combat (Part 2)
Show Details12min 20s
Episode 3 : Combat (Part 1)
Show Details17min 44s
Episode 2 : Character Creation
Show Details13min 20s
Episode 1 : The Basics
Show Details8min 4s
Rifts & Rules: Intro
Show Details2min 42s