The League of Lunatics Podcast

Weeklyish news and shit-talking for the fantasy football league, The League of Lunatics. If you're not in this league, it won't make any damn sense to you.


Week 2-3 Recap (2021) and Zach's Week 3 Victory Presser - Shit is Wild
Show Details18min 33s
Interview with Zach- $125 for Elijah Mitchell, eh?
Show Details10min 58s
Week 2 Victory Press Conference - Nate
Show Details9min 49s
Week 1 Recap (2021) - Say 'Hello' to Alex Henke
Show Details20min 23s
Week 1 Victory Press Conference w/JP
Show Details9min 57s
Draft Recap (2021) - Ghost Team Meltdown
Show Details16min 43s