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WOOF Afternoon Drive w/Derrick Jonzun 2p - 7pm


Help puppies seen on Co Rd 9
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Teen Saves Friend's Life one day after...
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Austin calls into WOOF with Feel Good Story of the Day
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It's "Loving" Day!
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Marvin Gaye in the NFL?
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Better than sliced cheese
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When the cheese runs out...
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Afternoon Affirmation: Who Moved My Cheese?
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Actor who played Tarzan is born on this date
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Ely won the role of Tarzan in 1966 after playing supporting roles in films such as South Pacific (1958), as an airplane navigator, The Fiend Who Walked the West (1958) and The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (1959).[citation needed]

During the filming of Tarzan, Ely did virtually all of his stunts for the series,[3] and suffered two dozen major injuries in the process, including two broken shoulders and various lion bites.[4]

Ely's height (6'4") and athletic build also won him the title role in the film Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975), as well as various guest shots. He was in five episodes of the series Fantasy Island; in one, in 1978, Ely portrayed Mark Antony in a Roman military short tunic and breastplate. Also in 1978, Ely starred in the Wonder Woman television series two-part episode "The Deadly Sting."[citation needed]

Ely starred on the series The Aquanauts in 1960–1961, in the western adventure film The Night of the Grizzly (1966) opposite Clint Walker, and later appeared in Jürgen Goslar's slavery movie Slavers (1978). In the 1980s, he hosted the musical game show Face the Music, as well as the 1980 and 1981 Miss America Pageants, replacing longtime host Bert Parks.[5] Later in the decade, Ely starred in a 1987–1988 revival of the 1960s adventure series Sea Hunt as Mike Nelson, the role played by Lloyd Bridges in the original series.[citation needed]

In the 1990s, Ely’s roles included a retired Superman from an alternative reality in the 1991 two-part episode "The Road to Hell" of the Superboy syndicated television series, and a big game hunter named Gordon Shaw in the 1992 episode "Tarzan the Hunted" of the syndicated Tarzán TV series (starring Wolf Larson). Until about 2001, Ely made appearances on such television shows as Sheena and Renegade.[citation needed]

Ely had retired from acting in 2001, but he returned to acting with an appearance in the television movie Expecting Amish (2014).[

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Leave It To Beaver turns 72!
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Woman wins lotto after helping artist
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WOOF TIME CAPSULE: 1908 Oskar Schindler
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WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE: Spring 2019 with Bo Duke!
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Why Police do this...
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Winter Warm Up Grand Prize Winner is Daniel Simmons
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Drive at 5 Winner: Remembers hand crank phonographs!
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Couples that listen together... Stay together on WOOF!
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1722 Ben Franklin Personal Ad!
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1700's Personal Ad gets woman arrested?
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1878 First Phone Book
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1872 - Brown Paper Bag invention
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Feb 19th - Smokey Robinson Birthday on WOOF FM
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WOOF Time Capsule 1968
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What did DJ do with Mr. Microphone?
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Derrick's Seat Belt Soap Box - BUCKLE UP... PLEASE!
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FEB 7th 1978 WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE - "Take this job and shove it!"
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FEB 7th 1990 WOOF TIME CAPSULE - Mariah Carey first song 30 years ago!
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FEB 7th 1927 WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE - Harlem Globetrotters
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TIME CAPSULE: Schoolhouse Rock!
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1985 WOOF FM Time Capsule: We Are The World
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TIME CAPSULE: The 162yr old song
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$2,500 Christmas Cash Grand Prize Winner! Joy Quincey of Midland City
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$500 Fantasy Five Winner: Amy Long
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DEC 13th WOOF News coverage heard by Fallen Hero's Family.
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