WOOF Afternoon Drive w/Derrick Jonzun 2p - 7pm

WOOF Afternoon Drive w/Derrick Jonzun 2p - 7pm


Help puppies seen on Co Rd 9
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Teen Saves Friend's Life one day after...
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Austin calls into WOOF with Feel Good Story of the Day
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It's "Loving" Day!
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Marvin Gaye in the NFL?
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Marvin Gaye began seriously pursuing a career in football with the professional football team the Detroit Lions of the NFL, even working out with the Eastern Michigan Eagles football team] However, his pursuit of a tryout was stopped after the owner of the team advised him that any future injury would derail his career.

Published Jun 10, 2020 at 3:08am
Better than sliced cheese
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When the cheese runs out...
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Afternoon Affirmation: Who Moved My Cheese?
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Actor who played Tarzan is born on this date
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Leave It To Beaver turns 72!
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Woman wins lotto after helping artist
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WOOF TIME CAPSULE: 1908 Oskar Schindler
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WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE: Spring 2019 with Bo Duke!
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Why Police do this...
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Winter Warm Up Grand Prize Winner is Daniel Simmons
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Drive at 5 Winner: Remembers hand crank phonographs!
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Couples that listen together... Stay together on WOOF!
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1722 Ben Franklin Personal Ad!
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1700's Personal Ad gets woman arrested?
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1878 First Phone Book
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WOOF Time Capsule: 1872 - Brown Paper Bag invention
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Feb 19th - Smokey Robinson Birthday on WOOF FM
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WOOF Time Capsule 1968
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What did DJ do with Mr. Microphone?
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Derrick's Seat Belt Soap Box - BUCKLE UP... PLEASE!
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FEB 7th 1978 WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE - "Take this job and shove it!"
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FEB 7th 1990 WOOF TIME CAPSULE - Mariah Carey first song 30 years ago!
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FEB 7th 1927 WOOF FM TIME CAPSULE - Harlem Globetrotters
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TIME CAPSULE: Schoolhouse Rock!
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1985 WOOF FM Time Capsule: We Are The World
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TIME CAPSULE: The 162yr old song
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$2,500 Christmas Cash Grand Prize Winner! Joy Quincey of Midland City
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$500 Fantasy Five Winner: Amy Long
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DEC 13th WOOF News coverage heard by Fallen Hero's Family.
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