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Battle Academy

This podcast is to help PokemonGO players 'get good' at PvP by looking at basics and breakdowns of the different components. This includes analyzing and choosing Pokemon, how to spend stardust and TMs, and how to work the meta.


Incredible Voyage
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Hello Darkness
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Taking Command
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Indigo Blues
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This week, I go beyond Silph Arena and take a look at Team Rocket Academy's Indigo League! Plus Team Rocket is back from vacation, Silph Arena's new cup takes command, and Barbaracle proves it's pretty decent!





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Pokemon Let's GO Remix - Splitscreen, GameChops

Hop Battle Theme Remix (Hop Gets Lit) - DJ Cutman, GameChops

Gym Battle! - Duzzled, GameChops

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Published Apr 25, 2021 at 7:51am
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Master (League) Class
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The State of PvP
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Team Building
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