The Basketball Rules Expert Show

BRE is a weekly podcast in which we have an explore of the ins and the outs of NFHS Basketball rules.


Episode 7 - Substitute & Team Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
Show Details23min 17s
Episode 6 - Administrative Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
Show Details17min 17s
Episode 5 - Color Restrictions on Player Equipment & Apparel
Show Details14min 37s
Episode 4 - Throw-Ins (Part Two)
Show Details21min 45s
Episode 3 - Throw-Ins (Part One)
Show Details15min 7s
Episode 2 - Intentional Fouls & Continuous Motion
Show Details14min 18s
Episode 1 - Let's Talk Basketball Rules!
Show Details17min 51s
Episode 0 - How this is gonna work
Show Details4min 22s