“To Share or Not to Share” with Joslyn Davis

1h 7m | Oct 20, 2021

This week on the show, the ladies are joined by the fun and vivacious Joslyn Davis! Host, online creator, and former Amazing Race contestant, Joslyn has plenty of crazy stories to tell. The three touch on what it’s like being a public figure, and how they navigate balancing personal privacy with giving their audiences their true, authentic selves. Plus, stay tuned to hear about Joslyn’s possible encounter with an angel, and how her religious upbringing has evolved into the faith she still holds onto today. 

Today on Basic Witches:

  • House flipping antics and blind date adventures 
  • How to balance being authentic with protecting your privacy
  • Joslyn’s experiences on The Amazing Race
  • Taking play and pleasure seriously 
  • Joslyn’s run-in with an angel

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