“Legally Witchy” with Melinda Lim (The Legal Witch)

1h 1m | Nov 17, 2021

Channel your inner Elle Woods for this week’s episode, because today Rachel and Leah are joined by lawyer AND witch, Melinda Lim! Melinda shares what being  “The Legal Witch” means to her, and how she’s embraced integrating her professional legal work with her witchy work. She gives her thoughts on the importance of trademarks and copyright and how they can help you take your power back, why we need to decolonize tarot, and how Legally Blonde helped her get through law school. 

Today on Basic Witches:

  • Why Melinda sees trademarks as sigils
  • How Melinda brings witchiness into her law practice
  • Dealing with revenge porn legally
  • Why social media creates a culture of copycat content
  • Decolonizing tarot and other traditional practices 

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