"Don't be Estranja to Laganja" with Laganja Estranja

52m | Aug 11, 2021

Today on the show the artist, choreographer, and drag queen, Laganja Estranja, joins the Basic Witches! She shares her story from growing up as a performer, to making it on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and what her artistic career has been like since. The ladies chat about Britney Spears, manifesting wealth, and what it’s like being a creative in a society that doesn’t value art. Plus, learn all about Laganja’s life-changing connection with cannabis, and how that blossomed into activism. 

Today on Basic Witches:

  • What magic means to Laganja 
  • Why the ladies believe Britney Spears is a witch 
  • Being blunt about money and why you shouldn’t be afraid of wealth
  • Why our culture doesn’t value art  
  • The death and rebirth cycle of being a creative

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