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Baseball Sixty One

Baseball Sixty One looks back at the historic, 1961 New York Yankees and the chase of Babe Ruth's single season home run record by Yankees teammates Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.


18. Maris does it in 162 as Yankees clinch
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17. Yanks on a tear. Piersall attacked at Stadium
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16. A nation is captivated and its on to Hollywood
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15. Williams predicts; M&M asked about edict
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14. Frick spoils race. Mantle and Maris red-hot
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13. Wind highlights All-Star game
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12. Yanks taste first. Stadium jammed on 4th
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11. Yankees reach first; Maris on homer binge
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10. Yanks surge and Koufax makes headlines
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09. Yanks stumble but Mantle and Maris heat up
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08. Yankees show life; Topping with big announcement
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07. The Yankees slump; Mays makes great catch
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06. Yanks head to LA; Mantle slumps
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05. Mantle continues surge; Maris heats up
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04. Mantle surges; Maris hits first home run
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03. Yankees right ship in fast start
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02. Yankees drop opener
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01. Introduction to Baseball Sixty One
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