Barking For Balance

Join our host, Pat "The Packman" Buttitta (Dog Behavior & Rehabilitation Specialist at Packman To The Rescue, K9 Solutions & Coaching), as he teaches you, not only how to bring balance to your dog's life, but to yours as well.

Enjoy his "tell it like it is" and "pulls no punches" style as he gives you the tools and knowledge needed in order to provide dogs what they need in order to be happy, fulfilled, and well-behaved.

This is not just a dog centered podcast. Rather, it's a podcast that is meant to teach, inspire, and entertain.

And along the way, Pat "The Packman" will sprinkle in a few Sicilian words, and phrases.

It's about training people, NOT training dogs!


#36 | On This Episode, The Packman Makes A Special Announcement; He'll Also Explain How Dogs Communicate; And To Finish, He'll Share The Way That Animals Correct
Show Details45min 58s
#35 | Wanna Know The Packman's Favorite Football Team? Wanna Know How He Became A Fan? Well, On This Podcast Episode, He'll Let Us Know; He'll Also Talk About Whether Or Not The Tone Of Our Voice Plays A Role In How Dogs Respond To Us; He'll Then Explain What It Means To "Focus On The Brain, Not The Body." Basically, Performing Various Obedience Commands Is Not The Proper Way To Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors. We Need To Address The Root Cause, And That Is A Dog's Emotional State Of Mind.
Show Details44min 16s
#34 | The Packman Will Explain That "Excitement Is The Root Of All Evil." Basically, Most Behavioral Issues Stem From High Levels Of Uncontrolled Excitement; He'll Also Share How The Proper Use Of A Crate Will Help Quite A Bit.
Show Details42min 59s
#33 | The Packman Talks About How Some Dog Trainers Make Matters Worse By Making Dog Owners Believe That Their Dog Is "Unfixable"; He'll Also Share The Importance Of His Mantra: "Gotta Have Faith & Patience""
Show Details48min 2s
#32 | On This Emotional Episode, Pat Honors The Memory Of Junior (Cesar Millan's Pitbull), & Explains How Junior Helped Him Overcome His Fear Of Pitbulls, Allowed Him To Adopt A Troubled Pitbull (Socks), Saved Socks From Going Back To The Shelter, & Paved The Way For Pat To Become A Dog Behavior And Rehabilitation Specialist.
Show Details49min 34s
#31 | The Packman Explains Why It's More Valuable To Train People & Not Train Dogs; He'll Also Talk About The Importance, Value & Necessity Of Establishing A Leadership Position With Your Dog
Show Details50min 27s
#30 | FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST, Jordan Kern | The Packman & Jordan Tell Each Other About Their Biggest Fears; They Then Debate Whether Dogs Need Humans More Or Whether Humans Need Dogs More; To Close, Jordan Shares 2 Hysterical Stories About His Mom And Dad
Show Details1hr 16min
#29 | FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST, Jordan Kern | The Packman Begins By Celebrating Italy's Win In The 2020 Euro; He Follows That Up By Telling Us How He Became A Carolina Panthers Fan; Packman And Jordan Discuss The Importance Of Spaying & Neutering Animals; Jordan Tells The Story Of When His Family's Dog Saves A Man From A Vicious Bear Attack
Show Details1hr 10min
#28 | Homeless People Who Have Dogs; Real Facts Regarding Play Biting & How To Properly Deal With It; The Packman Has An Odd Church Experience
Show Details44min 58s
#27 | How To Choose The Dog Breed That's Best For You; What The Packman Does To Forget His Own Problems Or Worries; Should You Get A Cat Or A Dog
Show Details41min 17s
#26 | The Different Types Of Dog Trainers; Is It Sauce Or Is It Gravy? The Packman Will Give You His Surprising Opinion; Why You Need To Stop Comparing Yourself Or Your Dog To Others
Show Details56min 4s
#25 | Is Your Dog Afraid Of Fireworks? The Packman Will Give You Some Ways To Alleviate That; He'll Also Explain How Your Own Fears Impact Your Dog & Hinder You At The Same Time
Show Details45min 29s
#24 | Does Your Dog Have Behavioral Issues Because Of COVID-19? YOU"RE NOT ALONE! But Have No Fear, The Packman Is Here To Help!!!
Show Details52min 48s
#23 | The Packman Tells Us About His Pre-Podcast Ritual; He Talks About The Benefits Of Meditation; He Also Shares The Best Way To Deal With A Dog That Suffers From Allergies
Show Details43min
#22 | The Packman Tells Us How Dogs Relate To Humans; He Also Shares The Way He Deals With "Haters"
Show Details42min 51s
#21 | The Packman Talks About His UNIQUE Last Name; He Also Tells Us About How He Helped One Of His Clients Transform Her Dog's Aggressive Behavior By Helping Her Overcome Her Own Worries & Fears
Show Details43min 48s
#20 | The Packman Shares Some Of His Fondest Memories From His First Ever Job At A Supermarket, Especially How He Became The "STAR BREAK-ROOM SOCCER PLAYER"; He'll Then Explain The Difference Between Punishing A Dog And Disciplining A Dog; He Then Explains Why It's Important To Not Nurture Weakness In Others, Humans Or Canines
Show Details46min 58s
#19 | The Packman Talks About A Tough Subject, How To Deal With The Death Of A Loved One; He Then Tells Us About The Time When He Was Forced To Visit a "WITCH DOCTOR"; He Then Sheds Some Light Onto The Reality As To Whether Or Not Two Female Dogs Can Coexist Within The Same Household
Show Details46min 28s
#18 | The Packman Shares His Personal Feelings and His Issues with Hunting And Hunters; He Then Explains How To Stop Your Dog’s Prey Drive
Show Details38min 7s
#17 | The Packman Tells Us About His Favorite Dog Toys; He Then Talks About The Dangers Of Rawhide; He'll Also Shares Some Ideas On How To Cope With Stress
Show Details44min 19s
#16 | The Packman Talks About How He Loves Taking Care Of His Neighborhood's Feral Cats; He Also Tells Us The Proper Way To Approach A Dog; He'll Then Share A Story From When He Went To The Supermarket And Got Set Up On A Blind Date By One Of The Employees
Show Details44min 8s
#15 | The Packman Talks About What You Should Do When A Dog Bites A Child; He Then Shares 3 Things That You Can Do To Calm Down A Hyper Or Very High Energy Dog
Show Details42min 29s
#14 | FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST, Jenn From Animal Rescue R Us | The Packman And Jenn Talk About Caring For Dogs Who Have Physical Disabilities And Special Needs
Show Details1hr
#13 | FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST, Hannibal (African Gray Parrot) | The Packman Shares The Backstory Of How He Came To Get Hannibal And Why; He Also Explains The Proper Way To Introduce Small Animals Or A New Baby to Your Dog
Show Details44min 7s
#12 | The Packman Talks About Being A Responsible Dog Owner And What Is Necessary In Order To Be One; He Also Gives His Opinion On The Power Of "Why" And How Knowing The Reasons For What We Want Is The Driving Force For Success
Show Details50min 10s
#11 | The Packman Will Let Us Know The Things We SHOULD NOT Do When It Comes To Housebreaking Our Dogs; He'll Also Talk About How God Sends Us The Right People At The Exact Times That We Need Them
Show Details43min 51s
#10 | The Packman Tells Us Everything We Need To Know In Order To Properly Housebreak A Dog; He'll Also Share The Reason Why It's Better To Focus On Progress, And Not On Perfection
Show Details54min 45s
#9 | The Packman Explains How Dogs Associate Behaviors and Activities With The State Of Mind That They're In At That Moment; He'll Also Explain How The Pattern Of Taking 2 Steps Forward and 1 Step Back Is Common When We're Trying To Improve Something And The Same Applies When Training Or Rehabilitating Our Dogs
Show Details59min 42s
#8 | The Packman Shares A Very Emotional Tribute To His First Dog, Peanut
Show Details55min 17s
#7 | Should You Buy Or Rescue A Pet? What's The Right Answer?; The Packman Shares His Theory That Out of Chaos Comes Great Opportunity; He Also Discusses The "I Have No Time" Excuse That Many People Use
Show Details53min 15s
#6 | How To PROPERLY Correct A Dog; The Packman Shares His Secret To Stop Worrying; He Also Shares His Opinion On Popeyes' New Chicken Sandwich; He'll Then Tell Us The Story Of How He Was Almost Sent Off To An Italian Military Prison
Show Details51min 19s
#5 | The Packman Tells Us What To Do If Our Dog Won't Eat Their Food; He'll Then Reveal A Special Secret. What His Real Name Actually Is; He Will Also Talk About How He Almost Chose Not To Pursue A Career Working With Dogs Because A Very Reputable And Experienced Dog Trainer Told Him That He Wasn't Talented Enough
Show Details47min 28s
#4 | In The Dog World, Giving Space Means Being Respectful. The Packman Will Teach Us How To Create That; He'll Then Explain How Important It Is To "Practice Before The Big Game"; He'll Then Talk A Little Bit About His Pitbull, Socks
Show Details24min 50s
#3 | The Packman Sets Us Straight On The Reality Of Pitbulls And What An Amazing Breed They Actually Are; He'll Then Tell Us The Secret To Having A Happy, Fulfilled And Well-Behaved Dog... And Of course, Lots Of Sicilian Chatter Along The Way
Show Details29min 32s
#2 | How To Properly Correct A Dog; The Packman Will Also Help You Figure Out How To Discover Your Passion And Purpose In Life
Show Details34min 10s
#1 | Premiere Episode | MEET PAT "THE PACKMAN" As He Tells Us About His Background And Dog Training Approach; He'll Also Talk About The Importance Of Living A Life Of Balance, Not Just For Your Dog, But For Us As Well
Show Details38min 13s