Barking For Balance

Join our host Pat "Packman" Buttitta as he teaches you, not only how to bring balance to your dog's life, but in yours as well. This is not just a dog centered podcast, rather it's a podcast about whatever is inside Pat's head that he somehow finds a way to relate back to dogs.


Taking Care Of Stray Animals, How To Approach A Dog, And A Dating Story | Barking For Balance Episode 16
Show Details44min 8s
What To Do When A Dog Bites A Child, 3 Exercises For Hyper Dogs| Barking For Balance Episode 15
Show Details42min 29s
Feat. Jen From Animal Rescue R Us | Barking For Balance Episode 14
Show Details1hr
Special Guest Hannibal and How To Introduce Babies to Your Dog | Barking For Balance Episode 13
Show Details44min 7s
Are YOU A Responsible Dog Owner And The Power Of 'Why' | Barking For Balance Episode 12
Show Details50min 10s
Episode 11: How NOT To Housebreak and How God Sends You The Right People
Show Details43min 51s
Episode 10: Housebreaking and Focusing on Progress not Perfection
Show Details54min 45s
Episode 9: Dog Association and 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back
Show Details59min 42s
Episode 8: My First Dog Peanut
Show Details55min 17s
Episode 7: Buying vs Rescuing, Out of Chaos Comes Great Opportunity, The 'I Have No Time' Concept
Show Details53min 15s
Episode 6: How to Correct a Dog and the Secret to Stop Worrying
Show Details51min 19s
Episode 5: What to do if your dog won't eat, What is my real name, The time I grew my hair out, My early days as a dog trainer
Show Details47min 28s
Episode 4: Creating space and practicing before the big game
Show Details24min 50s
Episode 3: Pitbulls, Happy Dogs and some Sicilian?
Show Details29min 32s
Episode 2: How to correct a dog and finding your purpose
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 1: About Me and Balance
Show Details38min 13s