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Bare Essentials of Fitness Podcast

Let's talk about health and fitness!


Episode 10: Mike Weinstein Zybek Sports Standard Athletic Testing.
Show Details32min 5s
Episode #9: Dallas Rugby Girls Speed and Agility needs.
Show Details38min 41s
Episode #8: Adam Feit and Psychology Mindset of Training.
Show Details32min 50s
Episode #7: James Lujan Speed Trainer.
Show Details33min 31s
Episode #6 - Goshen Soccer Academy.
Show Details17min 57s
Episode #5 - Jae Recruitment and Basketball
Show Details24min 39s
Episode #4 - Kevin and Recovery
Show Details28min 38s
Episode #3 - Lee Taft, Godfather of Speed
Show Details22min 10s
Episode #2 - Tennis Jon
Show Details20min 35s
Episode #1 - Origin Story
Show Details10min 19s