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Barbara's Podcast on Health and Nutrition for Women

My name is Barbara Karafokas. I am a qualified Holistic Nutritionist and started this podcast about healthy weight loss, healthy eating, living and all things worth sharing through my experience living on this planet ! It is especially for women inspiring, motivating and helping you move forward towards your health goals and getting you back to your healthy, happy and sexy place ! My Motto, fave and not fave words, talents, passions ... My favourite words: #Synergy #Smoothie #Naturelover #Coloursofnature #Animallover #theoutdoorsismygym #Triathlon#TheGreek/CypriotMediterraneanDiet #Green #Eco #Consciousliving #Livinglifeconsciously #Africa

​My kitchen motto is "What can I add to make this more nutritious ?" ​

Today I see myself as a Food Alchemist. My passion is combining foods, eating smarter, using the power of food synergy. Mixing and combining foods so that their health benefits are increased.


What Expert Nutritionists Are Saying About The Benefits of Eating Gelatin
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How to Become a World Champion of Dopamine Your Happy Hormone
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Five Common Herbs and Spices Which Help to Keep You Calm
Show Details4min 41s
How to Stop Feeling Hungry All The Time
Show Details15min 37s
Wearing Your Party Hat !
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Confused About Coffee ? Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Heart ?
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The Power of The Soul - "Dynami Psychis"
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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier
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Just Start !
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The Wellness Benefits of Lighting a Candle
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Too Many Food Choices ! How Variety Leads to Weight Gain and Obesity.
Show Details8min 48s
18 Common Reasons Why You Are Not Losing As Much Weight As You Expect To
Show Details10min 35s
When a Poison is Not a Poison and The Importance of Chewing our Food Well
Show Details3min 13s
The Dangers of Constipation Especially If You Are a Woman
Show Details11min 57s
Vase Breathing Exercise
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Think Skinny !
Show Details7min 45s
Falling Off My Own Bandwagon
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How to Quit Your Sugar Addiction
Show Details6min 55s
How to Stop Emotional Eating
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Top Ten Foods for a Natural Menopause
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10 Steps to Stop Bloating
Show Details13min 9s
Skinny Jeans !
Show Details3min 18s
The Power of The Soul - "Dynami Psychis"
Show Details1min 52s
Healthy Eating Kids - Episode 1
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