Improve Your Focus: The Art of Managing Your Attention featuring Tara from Open

1h 11m | Jan 31, 2023

It seems like there’s always something new to distract us and keep our attention spans ever-shrinking. So today, we’re wrapping up our Reframing the Reset series by talking with Dr. Tara Zinnamon about de-commoditizing our attention spans to regain agency and awareness of where our attention is going.

Dr. Tara Zinnamon is a neuroscientist, yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher who has a unique perspective as she balances her knowledge of neuroscience and yoga in her personal and teaching practices. If you can’t visit her studio, you can find her classes on Open where she hosts a range of yoga classes.

We Also Talk About…

  • The four types of attention
  • The damage overworking and overextending ourselves can do to our attention
  • Capitalism’s impact on our ability to focus on ourselves
  • Leaning into adjustable practices and goals that flow with your phases of life
  • Why we start the year in January (hint: like most things, it’s made up)
  • The benefits of even just a few minutes of meditation and breath work
  • Being “woo” adjacent


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