Embracing Your Sacred Sensuality with Krystal Taylor

1h 1m | Feb 21, 2023

All too often, our formative experiences with our bodies and sensuality are tied to shame. That can lead to us feeling disconnected from ourselves and confused about what we want or need from intimacy.

In this episode, we’re continuing our series on intimacy as we delve into the topic of physical intimacy with Krystal Taylor. Together, we talk about unpacking sexual shame and feeling more comfortable in our bodies and relationships.

Krystal is a certified tantra yoga instructor who specializes in educating and supporting individuals towards sexual wholeness. Her unique coaching approach involves sharing ancient yogic philosophy, ancestral practices, as well as her own sensual, get down to earth techniques.

We Also Talk About…

  • Working through learned shame around sexuality and pleasure
  • Why sex and intimacy are two different things
  • Reconnecting with your body, intuition, and voice
  • What Tantra really is
  • How to begin exploring your sensuality



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