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Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is a podcast dedicated to helping you feel your best. Tune in for approachable health, self-care, personal development, and well-being advice from Black women wellness experts.


How to Invest, Why Women Need Financial Wellness, and Managing Money in Relationships with Bola Sokunbi of Clever Girl Finance
Show Details1hr 1min
Having a Healthy Money Mindset and Becoming Recession-Proof with Chioma Njoku
Show Details45min 18s
How to Create and Stick to a Budget, Pay off Debt, and Reach Your Financial Goals with Dyana King
Show Details54min 44s
Time Abundance: Why Your Time Is More Valuable Than Money
Show Details36min 22s
REWIND: Cycle Syncing: How to Optimize Your Menstrual Cycle with Berrion Berry
Show Details50min 28s
REWIND: How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Nedra Glover Tawwab
Show Details51min 8s
REWIND: Creating A Walking Habit, Physical & Mental Benefits of Walking
Show Details30min 37s
REWIND: Reframing the Reset: Redefining Productivity and Creating Systems of Self-Care
Show Details29min 43s
REWIND: Small Daily Wellness Habits That Make a Big Difference
Show Details32min 32s
REWIND: How to Improve Self- Discipline
Show Details39min 7s
REWIND: How to Begin Your Healing Journey with Yasmine Cheyenne
Show Details58min 5s
REWIND: Benefits of Journaling: How to Establish a Journaling Practice
Show Details25min 27s
REWIND: Sexual and Reproductive Health with Dr. Sara Flowers
Show Details54min 49s
Healing Through Rest: Creating Balance for Your Nervous System [Solo Episode]
Show Details32min 21s
Healing Through Nature with Toyin Ajayi of Outdoorsy Black Women
Show Details1hr 4min
Healing Through Community: Why You Don’t Need to Be Fully Healed to Be Loved [Solo Episode]
Show Details32min 26s
Healing Your Inner Child + Finding Joy in Your Healing Journey with Dr. Peace Amadi
Show Details54min 30s
Healing Your Gut: Having A Healthy Microbiome and Immune System with Dr. Asia Muhammad
Show Details1hr
Daily Healing Rituals + Using Your Voice to Heal with Ashley Curtis
Show Details1hr 2min
How to Nurture Your Creativity Find Inspiration with Cristina Martinez
Show Details45min 37s
How Creativity Impacts Your Health + Overcoming Perfectionism with AJ Clarke of Soul Rehab
Show Details58min 50s
Shadow Work, Self-Care, and Balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood with Erica and Milah of Good Moms, Bad Choices
Show Details1hr 4min
Overcoming Mom Guilt, The Fourth Trimester, and Reparenting Yourself with Dr. Veronica Eyo and Rosalyn Davis
Show Details1hr 6min
Working with Doulas, Creating Positive Birth Experiences and Nutrition for Birthing Persons with Myriam Webb, RD, RN
Show Details1hr 1min
Ending Generational Trauma with Epigenetics + Preparing to Conceive with Dr. Cleopatra
Show Details1hr 13min
Demystifying Reproductive Health: Egg Freezing, Fertility Treatments, and the Impact of Fibroids with Dr. Tiffanny Jones
Show Details45min 37s
Listener Q&A: How to Regain Consistency, Advice for Aspiring Podcasters, Juggling Multiple Priorities, and Preparing for Success [Solo Episode]
Show Details1hr 17min
How to Use Astrology to Manifest + Navigating Your Saturn Return with Shinobi Robeson of Black Girl Horoscope
Show Details1hr 3min
How to Be Patient While Your Manifestations Come Through + Understanding Your Manifestation Style [Solo Episode]
Show Details35min 22s
Finding Magic Through Self-Acceptance + Yoga for Our Collective Freedom with Jessamyn Stanley
Show Details43min 26s
126 | How to Use the Akashic Records + Embodying Imperfect Wellness with Brit Starr
Show Details48min 54s
125 | Spiritual Hygiene + Daily Rituals for Manifestation, Protecting Your Blessings with SaTar'Ra
Show Details1hr 14min
124 | How to Manifest: Healing Through the Journey of Manifestation with Shirin Eskandani
Show Details59min 24s
123 | My Journey Into Yoga + Ways to Incorporate Principles of Yoga Into Our Lives
Show Details42min 39s
122 | Reframing Self-Talk, Tapping Into Your Creativity, + Trusting Your Intuition with Arielle Estoria
Show Details1hr 2min
121 | Reframing Your Relationship with Stuff – Decluttering + Organization for Mental Health
Show Details46min 23s
120 | Reframing Your Menstrual Cycle + Ancestral Practices with Raven Rose
Show Details1hr 4min
119 | Reframing Your Relationship with Exercise with Lauren Leavell
Show Details1hr 12min
118 | Reframing the Reset, Redefining Productivity, + Creating Systems of Self-Care
Show Details28min 51s
REWIND: Making Space for Yourself with Breathwork with Kathleen Booker
Show Details59min 33s
REWIND: Storytelling + Discovering Your Identity in Wellness with Zuri Adele
Show Details1hr 18min
REWIND: Human Design 101 + Following Your Own Path with Jas The Moon Mother
Show Details1hr 4min
117 | Unapologetically Dreaming Big + The Dreams I Dream
Show Details27min 18s
116 | Going After Your Dreams + Gaining Body Liberation with Chrissy King
Show Details1hr 4min
115 | Taking Our Power Back from Oppressive Systems with the Crunk Feminist Collective
Show Details31min 51s
114 | Creating Supportive Boundaries Around Screen Time with Taylor Morrison
Show Details49min 57s
113 | Being Multi-Passionate + Betting on Yourself is Self-Love with Asha Bromfield
Show Details54min 54s
112 | Taking Your Power Back
Show Details19min 35s
BONUS | Guided Meditation to Help You Feel More Present
Show Details8min 2s
111 | Let People Show Up for You
Show Details30min 12s
110 | How to Let Go of People-Pleasing Behaviors with Tiffany Hall
Show Details59min 13s
109 | You Don't Have to Do It All + Watering Your Professional Relationships with Tiffany Dufu
Show Details1hr
108 | Connecting with Your Inner Child and Intuition to Strengthen Your Relationships with Mari Roberts
Show Details1hr 9min
107 | CROSSOVER: Friendship Goals – How to Have Healthy, Lasting Friendships with Brittany Lackey and Germani Manning of The Black Girl Bravado
Show Details1hr 5min
106 | Having A Healthy Relationship with Yourself + Breaking Through the Self-Development Trap
Show Details38min 42s
BONUS: Self-Love Meditation
Show Details9min 53s
105 | Manifesting Love + Owning Your Magic with Alea Lovely
Show Details1hr 21min
104 | Christianity and Human Design with Christa Keyes
Show Details53min 40s
103 | Overcoming Toxic Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing
Show Details20min 47s
REWIND: Releasing Self-Judgment and Perfectionism with Shirin Eskandani
Show Details1hr
102 | The Power of Walking: How to Raise Your Vibration Through Movement
Show Details33min
101 | What's Your Energy Saying Sis? Raising Your Vibration
Show Details33min 7s
100 | Ask Me Anything: Building Confidence, Post-Pandemic Dating, Money Mindset
Show Details53min 49s
99 | Having A Healthy Hot Girl Summer, Taking Care of Your Eye Health, and Navigating Busy Seasons with Dr. Danielle Richardson of Fierce Clarity
Show Details1hr 26min
98 | Good Girl Gone Bad: Releasing Shame and Living On Your Own Terms
Show Details19min 27s
97 | Creating Space + Keeping Promises to Yourself
Show Details24min 19s
96 | Benefits of Journaling, Tips and Tricks for Establishing a Journaling Practice, and How to Journal Consistently
Show Details22min 28s
95 | Embracing Your Single Season [Solo Episode]
Show Details47min 30s
94 | Taking Care of Your Natural Hair with Keziah Dhamma
Show Details1hr 10min
93 | The Power of Discipline
Show Details35min 55s
92 | Make Mindfulness Work for You + How to Prepare for Your Level-Up with Dora Kamau
Show Details53min 13s
91 | Overcoming and Preventing Burnout with Erayna Sargent of Hooky Wellness
Show Details58min 49s
90 | Small Daily Habits That Make a Big Difference For Your Well-Being
Show Details30min 59s
89 | Building A Foundation for Self-Healing with Yasmine Cheyenne
Show Details58min 59s
88 | Three Ways to Hold Space for Rest
Show Details31min 15s
87 | How to Have Laser Focus and Cultivate Ancestral Healing with Juliet C. Obodo
Show Details58min 12s
86 | How to Set Boundaries for Inner Peace and Healthier Relationships with Nedra Glover Tawwab
Show Details55min 5s
85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo
Show Details48min 43s
84 | Reflection: Discernment, Lessons Learned + Feelings of Hope
Show Details16min 50s
REWIND: Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy
Show Details32min 10s
REWIND: Creating Holistic Wellness Habits That Stick with Alina Brown
Show Details45min 58s
REWIND: Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles with Shena Tubbs of Black Girls Heal
Show Details46min 24s
REWIND: Black History – Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman of That Wasn’t In My Textbook
Show Details38min 37s
83 | Go with the Flow: How to Optimize Your Menstrual Cycle with Berrion Berry
Show Details1hr 1min
82 | Genuine Self-Love, Authentic Sisterhood, and Healing from Toxic Relationships with Laticia Rolle
Show Details1hr 5min
Year End Reflection + Guided Journaling
Show Details41min 52s
81 | How to Navigate Online Dating Without Compromising Yourself with Damona Hoffman
Show Details1hr 15min
80 | Healthy Coping Mechanisms for 2020 and Beyond with Tiffany Wright
Show Details1hr 8min
Unpacking My Wellness Journey: Body Image, Mindfulness, and Inner Work
Show Details54min 51s
79 | How to Build Body Awareness + Remote Work Wellness Practices with Tarin Calmeyer
Show Details55min 49s
78 | You’re Worthy – Honoring Your Spiritual Evolution with Lyvonne Proverbs Briggs
Show Details1hr 5min
77 | Intentional Friendships, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Life-Changing Healthy Habits with Zuri Adele
Show Details1hr 19min
76 | Dismantling Colorism with Dr. Sarah L. Webb of Colorism Healing
Show Details1hr 3min
Bonus: 5-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief
Show Details5min
75 | Wellness Beyond the Physical: Creating Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Change with Maryam Ajayi
Show Details1hr 10min
74 | Nourishing Our Bodies and Making Healthy Eating Equitable with Dr. Akua Woolbright
Show Details1hr 12min
73 | CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 2]
Show Details47min 43s
73 | CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 1]
Show Details1hr
72 | Coping Strategies for Racial Trauma with Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah
Show Details57min 49s
Bonus: How to Reclaim Your Worthiness [Guided Meditation + Journaling Exercise]
Show Details20min 25s
71 | Sex Ed, Consent and Intimate Relationships During a Pandemic with Dr. Sara Flowers
Show Details59min 19s
70 | Overcoming Workplace Imposter Syndrome and Navigating Career Transitions with Adunola Adeshola
Show Details1hr 8min
69 | Navigating Healthcare As A Black Woman with Dr. Kristamarie Collman
Show Details50min 30s
68 | Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy
Show Details32min 2s
67 | How to Manage Your Energy Using Human Design with Jasmine Offor-Verville
Show Details1hr 8min
66 | Creating Holistic Wellness Habits That Stick with Alina Brown
Show Details55min 45s
Bonus: Breaking Generational Cycles with Les's Mom Trina
Show Details1hr 22min
65 | How to Heal Through Breathwork with Kathleen Booker
Show Details1hr 5min
64 | Black Maternal Health: Protecting Black Mothers with Adriana Jean Louis
Show Details54min 13s
63 | Making Pilates Accessible with Patty Dean
Show Details41min 37s
62 | Creating Change Through Storytelling with Bridget Todd
Show Details42min 13s
61 | Stress Management + Everything You Need to Know About Adaptogens
Show Details44min 47s
60 | Black History: Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman
Show Details41min 47s
59 | Listener’s Choice: Manifestation, Making Moves, Handling Life Transitions, and What’s Next for Balanced Black Girl
Show Details43min 44s
58 | Democratizing Wellness with Sinikiwe Dhliwayo
Show Details35min 11s
57 | Bodyful Healing with Jennifer Sterling
Show Details45min 6s
56 | Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles and Healing Within with Shena Tubbs of Black Girls Heal
Show Details50min 47s
55 | Choose Your Own Adventure: Traveling As A Black Woman with Sojourner White
Show Details55min 24s
54 | Wholehearted Living with Shirin Eskandani
Show Details56min 24s
53 | Building Financial Wellness Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance, Presented by BECU
Show Details45min 7s
52 | Black Girls Wine with Shayla Varnado
Show Details45min 24s
51 | What does being a Balanced Black Girl mean to you?
Show Details22min 32s
50 | Finding Your Soulful Flow with Jasmine RaShae
Show Details58min 40s
49 | Decolonizing Education with Adrienne Thomas
Show Details1hr 10min
48 | Self-Care Through Skincare with Kimjoy Long
Show Details1hr 3min
47 | Healing from Burnout with Davia Roberts
Show Details58min 20s
45 | Queens Have No Size with Klarke Foreman
Show Details54min 44s
44 | Securing a Seat at the Table with Minda Harts
Show Details48min 19s
Summer Rewind: Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson
Show Details46min 28s
Summer Rewind: Taking Up Space with Chrissy King
Show Details56min 55s
43 | Taking Control of Your Dating Experience with Shan Boodram
Show Details54min 44s
42 | Practicing Self-Care While Dismantling Everyday Racism with Monique Melton
Show Details52min 8s
41 | Unpacking The Oreo Complex with Kristin Iris
Show Details1hr 10min
40 | Sexual Health from the Womb to the Tomb with Michelle Hope
Show Details1hr 1min
39 | Low-Waste Living and Creating Your Own Path with Moji Igun
Show Details39min 41s
38| Creating A Community of Black Girl Magic - Balanced Black Girl Podcast LIVE
Show Details1hr 19min
37 | Listener Q&A: Fitness, Self-Care, Entrepreneurship, and More
Show Details35min 50s
36 | Let Your Fears Make You Fierce with Koya Webb
Show Details1hr 6min
Feel Good Friday #21: The Importance of Rest and Recovery
Show Details12min 17s
35 | Eloquent Rage (Solo Episode)
Show Details37min 9s
Feel Good Friday #20: Working Out After Taking Time Off
Show Details7min 24s
34 | Good Hair with Kayla Greaves
Show Details46min 32s
Feel Good Friday #19: Making Friends As An Adult
Show Details12min 25s
33 | The Power of Black Literature with Harmony Tamaalevea
Show Details38min 59s
Feel Good Friday #18: Finding Balance For Side Hustlers
Show Details16min 45s
32 | Healthy Living in the City with Mary Vin Rose
Show Details49min 20s
Feel Good Friday #17: 5 Limiting Beliefs to Let Go Of
Show Details17min 8s
31 | Getting In Tune With Your Mental Health with Alicia Tetteh
Show Details40min 48s
Feel Good Friday 16: The Importance of Alone Time
Show Details8min 33s
30 | Nutrition Made Simple with Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy
Show Details52min 53s
Feel Good Friday #15: Inspiration From Homecoming
Show Details14min 56s
29 | Unleashing Your Brilliance with Clarissa Rodriguez of She Rocks at College
Show Details41min 34s
Feel Good Friday #14: How to Avoid Burnout
Show Details15min 26s
28 | Career Advancement for Us with Sage Quiamno
Show Details54min 4s
Feel Good Friday #13 - Advice for Your Younger Self
Show Details11min 28s
27 | Starting Over: How to Thrive When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan with Irie Love
Show Details1hr 3min
Feel Good Friday #12 - You Are Enough
Show Details7min 18s
26 | Making Boutique Fitness More Inclusive with Briana Owens of Spiked Spin
Show Details41min 5s
Feel Good Friday #11 - How to engage in positive self-talk
Show Details13min 6s
25 | Creating a Foundation of Mindfulness with Nkenji Clarke, M.Ed, N.C.C.
Show Details49min 59s
Feel Good Friday #10 - Is therapy right for you? How to find a therapist
Show Details15min 7s
24 | Elevating Marginalized Voices Through Strength Training with Maria Rodriguez
Show Details1hr 9min
Feel Good Friday #9 - Rethinking Body Image
Show Details10min 42s
23 | Kombucha for the Culture with Milan Durham of Cultured Kombucha
Show Details40min 9s
Feel Good Friday #8: How to deal with imposter syndrome
Show Details10min 27s
22 | Mind, Body, and Soul Care with Shanna Tyler
Show Details47min 42s
Feel Good Friday #7 - What are you carrying?
Show Details9min 11s
21 | Activism Through Fitness with Sonja Herbert of Black Girl Pilates
Show Details52min 17s
Feel Good Friday #6 - What’s self-love got to do with it?
Show Details14min 56s
20 | Protecting Our Melanin with Shontay Lundy of Black Girl Sunscreen
Show Details1hr 8min
Feel Good Friday #5 - Creating a Relaxing Night Routine
Show Details11min 21s
19 | Making Self-Care Accessible with Michelle White
Show Details49min 35s
Feel Good Friday #4 - How to Stay Healthy at Work
Show Details13min 58s
18 | Let's Talk About It with Taylor Nolan
Show Details1hr 24min
Feel Good Friday #3 - How to Create a Morning Self-Care Routine
Show Details15min 41s
17 | Creating Safe Spaces for Fitness with Luca Page of Radically Fit Oakland
Show Details46min 56s
Feel Good Friday #2 - Getting Financially Fit
Show Details10min 55s
16 | Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson of BLK+GRN
Show Details48min 21s
Feel Good Friday #1 - Creating Space for Healthy Habits
Show Details10min 5s
15 | Diversifying the Nutrition Field with Deanna Belleny, MPH, RDN of Diversify Dietetics
Show Details44min 7s
14 | Years that Ask Questions, and Years that Answer - 2018 Recap
Show Details53min 9s
13 | Listener Q&A with Les
Show Details36min 39s
12 | Staying Happy and Well with Dr. Pragati Gusmano
Show Details37min 49s
11 | Reframing Fertility with Bri Braggs of Fertile Alchemy
Show Details1hr 1min
10 | Creating Your Own Lane with Falesha Johnson
Show Details51min 50s
9 | Liberation and Healing Through Yoga with Abiola Akanni
Show Details1hr 9min
8 | Taking Care of Our Mental Health with Ashley McGirt, MSW
Show Details50min 23s
7 | Igniting Intersectional Feminism with Allison Tenney
Show Details48min 58s
6 | Cultivating Self-Love Through Strength Training with Brittany Love
Show Details54min 15s
5 | Pretty, for A Black Girl
Show Details27min 43s
4 | Taking Up Space with Chrissy King
Show Details51min 41s
3 | How to Feel Confident At The Gym
Show Details22min 46s
2 | #WellnessSoWhite
Show Details27min 59s
1 | Welcome to the Balanced Black Girl Podcast!
Show Details18min 27s