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Come join me every Wednesday as we discuss Finances, Relationships, Physical Health, Mental Health and Spirituality.


Call Security!! w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details37min 13s
Better Safe Than Sorry | Safety and Security in Relationships w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details49min 11s
It's Not About You! | How To Adapt When Things Don't Go Your Way
Show Details20min 13s
It's Just Emotions??
Show Details41min 52s
Healthy Compromise | My Way Or The Highway w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details49min 38s
All In w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details46min 19s
The Beginning
Show Details24min 51s
Staying In The Lines w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details42min 41s
What's In Your Heart? | Belief System
Show Details21min 6s
Say What You Need To Say w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details41min 17s
R-E-S-P-E-C-T In Relationships
Show Details35min 26s
You Need To Have This
Show Details33min 40s
Health Basics
Show Details20min 19s
Financial Basics
Show Details26min 21s
Our Identity in Relationships w/ Diana Acosta-Bacon
Show Details30min 44s
Show Details18min 42s
Conflict Solutions
Show Details25min 32s
Intentional Living: Living A Life On Purpose With A Purpose
Show Details26min 2s
Show Details18min 17s
Hope For Change
Show Details18min 18s
Welcome to the Bacon Bitz Podcast!!
Show Details40s