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Banter Broadcast

Banter Broadcast is a multimedia platform where Jonathan and Sam discuss hot topics relating to sports and pop culture. The podcast features insightful interviews with leaders in the sports world. Our mission is to spread positivity and highlight the human side of sports that the media tends to shy away from.


Keandre Jones: Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Ep. 39
Show Details39min 8s
Kameron Woods: Assistant Coach of the OKC Thunder Ep. 38
Show Details34min 15s
March Madness x NBA Ep.37
Show Details31min 11s
Sebastian Lopez Previews Unreleased Music Ep.36
Show Details49min 34s
Former NFL Player Justin Brown Ep.35
Show Details33min 30s
Former Lakers Head of Athletic Training Marco Nunez Ep.34
Show Details52min 1s
Former President of the Houston Texans Jamey Rootes Ep.33
Show Details46min 48s
VP of Basketball Operations for MIN John G. Thomas Ep.32
Show Details50min 35s
Bryan Oringher NBA Video Coordinator Ep.31
Show Details20min 40s
Former NFL RB Dalton Crossan Ep.30
Show Details34min 42s
Former Director of Health for the Washington Wizards Navin Hettiarachchi Ep.29
Show Details56min
Star of Netflix's "Last Chance U" Head Coach John Beam Ep.28
Show Details54min 49s
Gary Reasons: NFL Super Bowl Champion Ep.27
Show Details39min 55s
Damien Wilkins, Former NBA player and NBPA representative Ep.26
Show Details45min 32s
Miami Heat Legend Tony Fiorentino Ep.25
Show Details1hr 2min
Sacramento Rondo: The Forgotten Season Ep.24
Show Details22min 5s
Jeff Rubin Co-Founder of SportsMe Ep.23
Show Details44min 42s
NBA One Hit Wonders: Jeremy Lin Ep. 22
Show Details22min 18s
Sebastian Lopez Music Producer Previews his new album Ep.21
Show Details1hr
Mark Pattison SVP of Sports Illustrated A.K.A. "The Summit Master" Ep.20
Show Details57min 23s
Kendall Gammon, Former NFL Pro-Bowl Long Snapper, Ep.19
Show Details44min 56s
"ViceCityAlerts" Are the Miami Heat Doomed? Ep.18
Show Details31min 29s
NBA and NFL Agent Frank Johnson III Ep.17
Show Details36min 12s
Pro-Bowl Quarterback Gus Frerotte Ep.16
Show Details36min 4s
Green Bay Packers Fan Page "Lambeau.Leapers" Previews NFC Championship Ep.15
Show Details32min 55s
NBA Reporter Andres Lopez's Hot Takes Ep. 14
Show Details1hr 12min
Sports Agent Ed Davis Ep. 13
Show Details20min 38s
"Cleveland Sports Talk" Previews the Browns vs. Chiefs Matchup and the Cavs' Role in the James Harden Trade Ep. 12
Show Details40min 38s
"finsdynasty" Previews the Dolphins Offseason Plans Ep. 11
Show Details34min 2s
What Happened to "ISO" Joe Johnson? Ep. 10
Show Details27min 30s
How James Harden Broke the Game of Basketball Ep.9
Show Details41min
NBA Talk with Inside the Minds Podcast: Backseat "Carpool" Banter Ep. 8
Show Details42min 35s
Yunio Barrueta: Professional Basketball Player in France Ep. 7
Show Details18min 24s
Iggy Sports Talk Interview: Ep. 6
Show Details1hr 14min
The Vice City Alerts Interview: Backseat Banter Ep.5
Show Details45min 58s
Andres Lopez- NBA Reporter's Crazy Stories: Backseat Banter Ep. 4
Show Details40min 31s
Who Had the Greatest Regular Season Ever? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 3
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA Expansion Draft, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 2
Show Details46min 31s
Will the G-League Replace the NCAA? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 1
Show Details59min 7s