Backseat Banter

Check out these amusing conversations from four lifelong friends about random topics including sports, movies, pop culture, and whatever else is on our mind. Tune into the show to get our takes on new topics weekly with special guests in our “Carpool Edition” episodes. Put us in your backseat and enjoy the ride.


NBA Blockbuster Trade: Russell Westbrook for John Wall: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 54
Show Details54min 50s
The Andres Lopez Interview - NBA Reporter's Crazy Stories: Backseat Banter Ep. 55
Show Details40min 31s
NBA Hot Takes and Predictions [Embiid MVP] Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 54
Show Details1hr 4min
Does LeBron Make The NBA Mount Rushmore?: Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 53
Show Details1hr 17min
What Manchester United Needs To Do In Order To Win!: Off The Bar Banter Ep.52
Show Details51min 10s
Analyzing Free Agency Frenzy! Backseat Banter Ep. 51
Show Details1hr 15min
Messi VS Ronaldo In The Premier League?!: Off The Bar Banter Ep.50
Show Details56min 40s
Is Milwaukee Making Moves To Please Giannis? Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 49
Show Details57min 20s
NBA Free Agency Rumors Backseat Banter: Basksetball Ep. 48
Show Details54min 9s
2020 NBA Mock Draft Picks P.2 Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 47
Show Details1hr 9min
Dolphins x Cardinals Game of the YEAR! Backseat Banter: Football Ep. 46
Show Details56min 41s
2020 NBA Mock Draft Picks P.1 Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 45
Show Details1hr 11min
Revisiting the 2015 NBA Draft Backseat Banter: Basketball Ep. 44
Show Details47min 53s
NBA Moratorium is LIFTED!!! Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 43
Show Details58min 48s
Is James Harden To The 76ers Realistic? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 42
Show Details52min 34s
Is D.K. Metcalf a Top 5 Receiver? (Week 8 NFL Review) Backseat Banter: Football EP. 41
Show Details1hr 3min
J.J Watt To The Steelers? Backseat Banter: Football EP. 40
Show Details47min 6s
Which QB wins OROY? Breaking down NFL Week 7. Backseat Banter: Football EP. 39
Show Details56min 48s
Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield To Be In The New Spider-Man Movie? Backseat Banter: Motion Picture EP.38
Show Details43min 24s
NFL Week 6 Review Backseat Banter: Football Ep.37
Show Details1hr 1min
Russell Westbrook To The New York Knicks? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP.36
Show Details48min 23s
Manchester United To Not Make The Round Of 16? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP.35
Show Details53min 18s
Can The Miami Dolphins Actually Make The Playoffs This Year? Backseat Banter: Football EP.34
Show Details49min 2s
NFL Week 5 in Review. Backseat Banter: Football EP. 33
Show Details39min 55s
Our Top 15 Players In The NBA Today, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 32
Show Details1hr 4min
Lakers are NBA Champs (Reaction!), Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 31
Show Details27min 44s
Can Miami be the only not Lebron led team to come back from 3-1 in the finals? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 30
Show Details36min 54s
NFL Week 4 in Review, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 29
Show Details58min 42s
Can Miami Upset The Los Angles Lakers, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 28
Show Details1hr 23min
Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 27
Show Details43min 50s
Jessie Lingard for Dele Alli Swap?!? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 26
Show Details1hr 6min
Who is the New Big Bad in MARVEL's Cinematic Universe? Backseat Banter: Motion Picture EP. 25
Show Details1hr
Clippers Collapse and Conference Finals Preview, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 24
Show Details1hr 24min
NFL Week 1 Review, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 23
Show Details56min 3s
What's Next for the Bucks? Time for a Crazy Trade? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 22
Show Details1hr 7min
The Vincenzo Candela Interview, Backseat Banter: Carpool EP. 21
Show Details49min 29s
Backseat Banter Fantasy Football League Draft, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 20
Show Details1hr 28min
Who Will Manchester United Sign? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 19
Show Details56min 8s
Miami Heat: Past, Present, and Future, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 18
Show Details1hr 30min
Donovan Mitchell VS Nikola Jokić: Who Would You Start A Franchise With? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 17
Show Details1hr 2min
Messi to Leave Barcelona? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 16
Show Details1hr 2min
Who Will Win the Champions League Final? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 15
Show Details41min 46s
Can the MLS Become the New Developmental League? Backseat Banter: Off the Bar EP. 12
Show Details35min 18s
Reaction to Madden Ratings, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 13
Show Details37min 33s
What is the Future of Sports? Backseat Banter: General Talks EP. 14
Show Details32min 41s
Round 1 Matchups, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 11
Show Details1hr 51min
2020 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Predictions, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 10
Show Details52min 20s
NBA All Bubble MVP, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 9
Show Details1hr 11min
What if the Suns Drafted Luka Doncic? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 8
Show Details1hr 20min
Who Had the Greatest Regular Season Ever? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 7
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA Expansion Draft, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 6
Show Details46min 31s
NBA Awards Show, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 5
Show Details1hr 7min
NBA Bubble Season Preview, Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 4
Show Details1hr 21min
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 10 Team Standard, Backseat Banter: Football EP. 3
Show Details43min 54s
Will the 2019-2020 Championship Even Count? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 2
Show Details52min 1s
Will the G-League Replace the NCAA? Backseat Banter: Basketball EP. 1
Show Details59min 7s
Introduction to the Podcast, Backseat Banter: EP.0
Show Details2min 31s