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Back Row Bros

The back row is reserved for underachieving students and the cool kids. We like to think of ourselves as the latter. This podcast was born in our back row daydreams. We wanted to bring the business in the front, to the party in the back. Expect to learn, laugh, and do a lot of fact checking. This is the Back Row Bros.


Episode 8: ACL Injuries
Show Details20min 30s
Episode 7: Workout Supplements
Show Details24min 6s
Episode 6: Running
Show Details41min 28s
Episode 5: Ulnar Collateral Ligament
Show Details32min 34s
Episode 4: Injury Report: Antonio Brown
Show Details31min 17s
Episode 3: Why APTA?
Show Details24min 7s
Episode 2: Interview with Dr. Warren pt. 2
Show Details25min 53s
Episode 1: Interview with Dr. Preston Warren
Show Details24min 40s
Back Row Bros Preview
Show Details1min 57s