• Holiday Weekend

    The Babyface Bullies celebrated the holiday weekend with AEW Double or Nothing, Shida Tube, and Quarantine Theater.

    59m - May 26, 2020
  • Doubles or Nothing

    The Babyface Bullies are back to celebrate all things AEW Double or Nothing with a double episode!

    Vintown and Sammerz talk about AEW Dynamite, the murder of Vanguard 1, Roman Reigns' latest movie, and this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing. Scotsman and Dan then join the podcast to rehash their trip to last year's Double or Nothing and go over their favorite moments from a wild weekend in Vegas.

    E10 - 1h 5m - May 18, 2020
  • The Golden Lovers Lovers

    The Babyface Bullies believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of their podcast.

    Vintown and Sammerz are back to talk AEW, street fights, social distancing, Britt Baker, Tony Khan, Kevin Steen's action figures, Carmella's latest TikTok, Omega Man, the Golden Lovers, and more!

    S1E9 - 49m - May 11, 2020
  • I'm Dustin

    The Babyface Bullies are here to chew bubblegum and talk wrestling, and they swallowed their bubblegum!

    Vintown and Sammerz are back to talk about AEW Dynamite, the TNT Championship tournament, Best Friends vs Roommates. Jimmy Havoc, Carmella's TikTok, and more!.

    E8 - 47m - May 4, 2020
  • Social Distance Media

    The Babyface Bullies are back to talk about everything in the world of wrestling.

    On this episode of the Babyface Bullies podcast, Vintown and Sammerz talk BTE 200, AEW, the Kenny Omega "controversy", Alan Angels, the Janela Zone, Corey Graves and Carmella's fight, Nate Webb's gun, Tamina, The Rock's new show, Jimmy Havoc in Progress, and much more!

    Want more Babyface Bullies? Well, head over to our YouTube channel for our original, unique wrestling content as well as video podcasts. Head over to www.BabyfaceBullies.us for more and to check out our merch!

    E7 - 40m - Apr 27, 2020
  • No Pay Jose

    The Babyface Bullies are back to discuss WWE's Black Wednesday, BTE #199, AEW Dynamite, Jimmy frickin'' Havoc, GCW, WCW's Blast at the Beach, Z: True Long Island Story, and much more!

    E6 - 34m - Apr 20, 2020
  • Boneyard Funhouse

    The Babyface Bullies are fake fans, but that doesn't stop them from talking about Wrestlemania, Boneyards, Funhouses, Chikara, Marty's new look, WWE ice cream, wrestlers on TikTok, and more!

    40m - Apr 10, 2020
  • WrestleMania 36: 500 Days of Havoc

    The Babyface Bullies are back with a very special WrestleMania 36 preview! We talk Mox on Dark, social distancing from your roommates, AFI, 500 Days of Summer, Trent?, Poppin' Dogs, Talkin' Hogs, AEW vs. Georgia, the best summer ever, boneyards, fun houses, and much more!

    E4 - 29m - Apr 3, 2020
  • Hey, Guard

    The Babyface Bullies are talking Vanguard/Exalted Ones, Shane's superhero, the murder of Joe Alonzo, Mean Mark's gifts, the Big Show Show, and much more.

    Plus, a very special guest joins to talk the 2004 WWE Diva search!

    E3 - 43m - Mar 27, 2020
  • My Three Dads

    The Babyface Bullies are back!

    This week we cover the empty arena shows of WWE and AEW, Brodie Lee, Matt Hardy, the legality of drone usage in the state of New York, Evil Uno, airline credits, the tiger saviors of WWE, former TMZ interns, and more!

    Note: We are aware of some audio issues l. We tried a new recording setup and it didn't work out well. Next time will be better. Sorry about that.

    39m - Mar 21, 2020
  • The Pilot Episode

    It's the pilot episode of the Babyface Bullies podcast!

    Vintown and Sammerz talk AEW Revolution, Cody's neck tattoo, Goldberg and The Fiend, shameful things, lobster head, too many limes, and more! They also each name their wrestler of the week!

    Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Goldberg belt mentioned on the show: https://twitter.com/bigbobber89/status/1233411705432084481

    27m - Mar 6, 2020
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