Let's Talk Video Games

This show discusses the gaming industry, its players and the decisions made by them in order to create video games. Listen to some of the most important, controversial and sometimes ridiculous topics gamers are currently talking about around the world.


015 - Interview with Max LL, composer of Spiritfarer's Soundtrack
Show Details38min 34s
014 - Night City Wire 3 + Xbox buys Bethesda
Show Details25min 43s
013 - PS5 Showcase
Show Details29min 53s
012 - Xbox Series X/S + Ubisoft Forward
Show Details24min 12s
011 - Nintendo Direct, RTX 30 and more!
Show Details30min 6s
010 - Gotham Knights + Gamescom
Show Details37min 18s
Review 004 - Spiritfarer
Show Details13min 3s
009 - Indie World + Flight Simulator
Show Details30min 19s
008 - Epic vs Apple + Ghost of Tsushima Co-Op
Show Details33min 50s
007 - Cyberpunk's Lifepaths and Halo's Delay
Show Details13min 57s
Review 003 - Marvel's Avengers Beta
Show Details10min 45s
006 - Microtransactions
Show Details12min 30s
Review 002 - Horizon Zero Dawn
Show Details14min 39s
005 - Halo, FIFA and other Games as a Service
Show Details14min 35s
004 - Steam vs Epic Games Store
Show Details9min 54s
Review 001 - Ghost of Tsushima
Show Details18min 42s
003 - Console Exclusives on PC
Show Details15min 4s
002 - GTA V's Arrival to Next-Gen Consoles
Show Details13min 7s
001 - The Last of Us Pt. 2 Controversy
Show Details23min 33s