Talk Tech Teen Tech

This podcast talks about tech but through the eyes of grade school teens to get a different approach on the bleeding-edge of technology

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Prices Lowkey
Show Details52min 22s
Click on MI
Show Details56min 39s
Elon's Second Child
Show Details46min 14s
Curing Cancer With A Macro
Show Details47min 50s
Snap to the Future
Show Details53min 51s
To Be Or Note To Be
Show Details44min
The Gifter's Guide
Show Details22min 47s
A Moment of Consoles
Show Details57min 28s
The Buying Burdens
Show Details1hr 1min
The Best Worst Phone of All Time
Show Details52min 22s
5G On A Loop
Show Details1hr 5min
Triple Budgets
Show Details53min 12s