RLRC Daily 5/29/24 | Fraternity Hazing Tragedy, Animal Control Nightmare, Plumber's Deadly Deception

26m | May 29, 2024

In today’s episode of Real Life Real Crime Daily we discuss a Frat dad in Missouri who was sentenced for hazing and causing brain damage to a pledge, a mother in Ohio sentenced for her daughter's death due to malnutrition, an elderly man in California arrested for terrorizing his neighborhood, and a plumber who faced charges for fatally poisoning a client. 

Additionally, a breaking news story featuring a Louisiana woman was shot during a door handle check in a neighborhood, and in the “According to the Affidavit” segment we detail a Rottweiler attacking its owner while…under the influence. 

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01:00 Fraternity Hazing Tragedy

04:24 Mother's Malnutrition Crime

08:03 Elderly Slingshot Terror

10:53 Plumber's Deadly Deception

14:14 Louisiana Car Burglary Shooting

17:38 Animal Control Nightmare


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