Faith Uncensored

When I was a kid, my father would tell me that the book of Acts of the Apostles wasn’t actually completed, and that the end of the book didn’t look like it had a proper ending. Now if you look at the 28th chapter of Acts, you too may see that my father had a point. It seems like the end hasn’t been written on purpose, and I believe that we are the continuation of the story. Faith Uncensored is here to tell you about those deeds, stories of today’s courageous men and women who are not hesitant to step out in faith and walk into the footprints of Jesus.


Reaching the Unreached
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Jeff Collins
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I thought I was irredeemable with Ronda Latham
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Dr. Stella Immanuel
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The Iron Cross Warrior
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They couldn't have a baby...
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Revival 4 Survival
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Without Goliath there's no King David
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Bringing freedom to modern slaves
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