Pop Swap

Movies, Comics, TV, Music, part of the pop culture? we have it covered. Join a couple of self confessed nerds as we provide a pop cultural exchange program which you the listener can participate in.

Each month we will recommend something we love for our co host and yourselves to check out. Along with special selections per episode and a fun nerdy chat in between.

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Pop Swap - Those Who Wish Me Dead, Bo Burnham: Inside, Parks and Recreation, Calls
Show Details49min 37s
Pop Swap - The Nevers & Comfort Watching
Show Details50min 43s
Pop Swap - Adaptations: Extended Bonus Chat
Show Details55min 38s
Pop Swap - The Carlos Top 5 Comic Adaptation Wishlist
Show Details44min 4s
Pop Swap - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Gangs of London, Mare of Easttown
Show Details44min 31s
Pop Swap - Defending Jacob , Enforcement, A Glitch in the Matrix, The Last Blockbuster, The Morning Show
Show Details1hr 1min
Pop Swap - Halt and Catch Fire
Show Details44min 49s
Pop Swap - I Care a Lot, For All Mankind, Sex Criminals
Show Details35min 8s
Pop Swap - WandaVision, Invincible, Valley of the Boom
Show Details46min 40s
Pop Swap - Zack Snyder's Justice League, Soulmates, Servant
Show Details51min 43s
Pop Swap - Can't Get You Out Of My Head, The Office, Greenland, It's A Sin
Show Details47min 39s
Pop Swap - Upload, Cyberpunk, We Are Who We Are
Show Details43min 17s
Pop Swap - Recursion By Blake Crouch
Show Details34min 20s
Pop Swap - Y The Last Man & The Invisible Man
Show Details50min 50s
Just The Review - His House
Show Details4min 10s
Pop Swap - Halloween Special
Show Details51min 20s
Pop Swap - The Outsider, Feedback, New Girl, Sweet Tooth
Show Details52min 40s