Understanding The Sudanese Revolution

1h 12m | Jan 24, 2022

Uprising: forces, structures, and possibilities 

Mahder is currently a PHD student in Political Science

Research on the 2019/2020 uprising plus local resistance committee and tea seller unions by engaging Sudanese scholar and activists

Historical points and questions.

On February 12, 1952, Egypt and Britain

How do you view the issue of Nubians and their struggle in both states? Where do the Nubians fit into the narrative of Pan-Africanism and the National Question? Are they an oppressed nation within nation-states?

What was the position of the Sudanese Communist Party in regards to South Sudanese grievances during the early years? 

It seems Sudan still has active labor unions that impacted and shaped the protest in Sudan. Why do you think the western press ignores that or mis-characterizes the class dynamic of the Sudanese protest and anti-neoliberal narrative? Or have you noticed that?

What is the communist view on Pan-Africanism and Pan-Arabism? What is your view on Sudan being viewed as an Arab state and anti-African racism?

 Jaafar Nimeiry 1969-1985--was supported a socialist branch Sudanese Socialist Union

falling out with the Communist party---first person who installed the Sharia law

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