Introduction Episode

9m | Nov 12, 2020

Horn of Africa Leftists

My name is Filmon Zerai and this Horn of Africa Leftist intro episode

I will explain what listeners should expect and the aim of the podcast overall

This podcast comes out of a need to fill a missing void with the current discourse online and overall how the social/political commentary is consumed and understood with regards to the Horn of Africa the region and each state

This podcast also comes after realizing this observation on the state of the diaspora and overall the region political consciousness

We see in the diaspora many academics who study radical/commie social movements or philosophy but their politics is liberal and does not radicalize them.

We see people who have bio line that say that are Marxist, Achacist or Sickle & Hammer with stereotypical Communist aesthetics who do this but their understanding of the Horn of Africa is liberal and echoes the imperialist line.

We see people who claim to be reading these radical books but when it comes to their politics in the Horn its reactionary and echoes the State Department line or have affiliation with Human RIghts Watch, Amnesty International, and the usual NED funded activist online.

This podcast aims to challenge people to move away from liberal politics and push political consciousness to the left.

Here are two key question people probably have about the title of the podcast:

What does the Horn of Africa mean? The Horn of Africa is a geopolitical term but a term that is slowly growing trend to describe the various nationalities of the region & its a catch-all term to unify all the people beyond the creation of the nation-states in the region


What does the Leftist term mean? The term leftist often has had its political baggage and its associated with liberals and even conservative elements and its usage and how the average person understands it has been confusing--So to clear it up,

the leftist term, in this case, does not mean Democrats party or Labor in the UK but more so a catch-all term for people who are socialists, communist or Anarchist whether they are Marxist, Maoist or Stalinist--

So the point here is not shifting toward reformist ideological line or liberalism but move beyond sectarian labels of "i'm a Marxist","Maoist"

I understand the criticism of the term "leftist" as its association in the first world especially American politics is what people like the DSA or those Bernie Sanders supporters who are not socialist 

but claim to be Marxist and still practice liberalism while aiming to preserve their first world privilege via imperialism and the exploitation of the third world.

This podcast is not that type of "leftist" but this podcast is focused on leftist perspective and philosophy that pulls from the Black Radical Tradition,Pan Africanist theorist and overall the struggle of the third world.

I noticed there is not that much leftist commentary that is focused on the Horn of Africa region as a whole and one that is class focus and internationalist.

The social and political commentaries and analysis of the region and also the diaspora is through the limited scope of liberalism that is not 

collectively focused or does not challenge the status quo beyond imported neoliberal political and economic prescription.

The Horn of Africa Leftist offers a unique podcast to examine issues impacting the region's current events but also discuss the development in the diaspora.

You should expect each episode to be no more than 1 hour or less and will have guests with various backgrounds aswell.

This is also an opportunity for the global left to understand the Horn of Africa from the left and unlearn and be challenged.


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