Why Somalia is Ignored and Misunderstood by the Left Now?

1h 10m | Dec 27, 2021

Somali freelance journalist Mohamed joins this episode for a critical focus on Somalia

Can you explain your take on the anti-colonial history of Somalis against various colonial power and how that shaped Somali nationalism from then to now?

How do you feel about the influence of Saudi Arabia and sponsorship of the Whabbist/Salafist line in Somalia as a counter against Somalia nationalists aligned with egalitarian or socialist Islam tendencies?

What is your view on the history of Ogaden and the Somali region in Ethiopia?

How do you view Turkish/NATO presence in Somalia?

How do you view the question of Somaliland and the current efforts to instigate tension by London/Washington via Taiwan vs China?

Can you explain the events that led to rise of the ICU to crush warlords in Somalia prior 2007?

Why do you feel Eritrean and Somalis are closer when recognizing the danger of Abyssinia Fundamentalism?

How do you feel about federalism vs centralized state in Somalia and the role of Melez Zenawi to create that 4-1 clan system of model?

Your view of the TPLF role in the 90s era in prolonging anarchy and war lors

Do you feel Somalia is ignored by the left in media spaces in comparison to Ethiopia? Both Somalia and Eritrea were sanctioned the last 18 years but we didnt see that focus but now Ethiopia is the focus.

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