Who and What of Imperialism in Tigray,Ethiopia

Season 1 | Episode 1
55m | Mar 22, 2021

For this episode, we will discuss the latest development in Ethiopia and Tigray region by giving historical context and political background as there is a serious social media campaign being waged with a lot of emotions and strong narrative which can be confusing and alarming if you don't have proper analysis--before we start on the historical background on the conflict I want to make the following points

As I mentioned on the BAR interview Eritrea is being set up, TPLF is an agent of imperialism and Washington wants Ethiopia back to being a compliant client state despite Abiy being a willing client of Washington--

The latest development is an ideological test for leftist and how discipline people are too strong emotional propaganda online as we have seen casualties of it already from the Bobi Wine situation in failure to recognize imperialism co-optations in which Bobi Bobi and the campaign around him as an opposition and power struggle----Just like Museveni and Bobi Wine --this is Abiy vs TPLF saying that its important to highlight that Abiy Ahmed no saint as he has pro-neoliberal beliefs and is an Abisyaini-zed Oromo which is hostile to non-Abyssinian nationalism in the south also the Eritrean revolution plus the Ethiopian Defense Force does not have a clean track record in other regions and just like Museveni he is a willing client leader but certain quarters in Washington have sympathy for the opposition in this current power struggle

Second, when examining western media coverage's important to point to the issue of how the attention in the north vs the south why western media outlets amplify only the north and not the south actual history of genocide in which there were serious genocide in various regions the last 28 years under TPLF --what's happening in Tigray is serious and the people are caught in a situation of internal power struggle and the interests of Washington which certain circles in the white house have a personal relationship with the TPLF leadership core

As a materialist, we must examine and emphasize the role of history through the economic lense and the role of the ruling class-- ---what is the role of colonialism and imperialism on the latest development and the past..--

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