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Tune in for regular discussions making sense of the latest market data and hear from an array of industry experts helping us answer big real estate questions about demographics, economics, urban planning, and home design.  


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rennie intelligence insights - February 2021
Show Details30min 38s
The rennie outlook 2021 - Our Real Estate Predictions for the Year Ahead
Show Details26min 52s
rennie intelligence insights - January 2021
Show Details26min 6s
rennie intelligence insights - December 2020
Show Details26min 6s
Buying or selling a home? How the Fundamentals of Supply and Demand Affect Housing Prices
Show Details26min 29s
rennie intelligence insights - November 2020
Show Details25min 41s
The Big Picture - Macro Insights from the rennie landscape 2020
Show Details28min 21s
What's With All the Condos? How Vancouver Became a Model for City Planning
Show Details34min 12s
rennie intelligence insights – October 2020
Show Details25min 53s
What’s Age Got To Do With It? Key Insights on How Demographics Affect our Real Estate Market.
Show Details30min 11s
rennie intelligence insights – September 2020
Show Details25min 22s