B4U Swipe

Where two middle-aged sex nerds read between the pickup lines. Enjoy our snarky and sincere tips and traps (and a little adult sex ed) as we review dating profiles and navigate online dating.


A Boring Landscape and a Belching Tourist
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Submitted Profiles! A Dandy Pool Boy and a Woman Who Has Nothing to Hide
Show Details36min 26s
Enter the 20-year-olds: A Literal Catfish and a Pug in a Sweater
Show Details40min 28s
A Man in a Greenhouse and a Lady on a Toilet
Show Details35min 18s
A Woman in a Time Capsule and Over-Promised Shirtlessness
Show Details41min 24s
App Review! Mixing it up with Kink-friendly HUD
Show Details41min 39s
BONUS! Season 1 Reflections & Favorite Moments
Show Details8min 46s
Story Time!
Show Details1hr 12min
A Ripped Social Justice Advocate & A Lady-Loving Lady
Show Details30min 44s
A Violent Weed-smoking Skier and Karaoke "Domme"
Show Details32min 19s
A dude with a Kilt and a Fish and An Affluent Couple with Car Trouble
Show Details35min 8s
Gender Identity & Unsettling Art BONUS
Show Details7min 52s
WTF Tinder & Unsettling Art
Show Details32min 14s
A Right-Wing Femme and an Arrogant Aspiring Astral Projector
Show Details42min 23s
A Woman with One Good Side & A Couple Looking for Playmates
Show Details44min 46s
A "Vintage" White Guy & A Queer Vegan
Show Details34min 26s
A World Traveling Burner and Baffling Bad Carpet
Show Details28min 33s
Take What’s Good, Leave the Rest: A Disclaimer
Show Details2min 44s
Who the F* Are We and What the F* Is This?: An Intro
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Check out the Episode Notes!
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A Questionably Positive Gentleman and a Queer Who REALLY Wants to Get to Know You
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