The Chinese Sayings Podcast

Join Laszlo Montgomery for weekly episodes that introduce commonly used Chinese Sayings and the stories and rich meanings behind each phrase. Whether you speak Chinese or not, enjoy a few stories and pick up a phrase or two from China’s ancient times.


S4E10 | Salvation, Zhang Gang style
Show Details14min 16s
S4E09 | Rejected!
Show Details22min 9s
S4E08 | Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out
Show Details8min 8s
S4E07 | One Bad Apple
Show Details6min 46s
S4E06 | From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Show Details16min 5s
S4E05 | That's Worth a Lot!
Show Details9min 23s
S4E04 | Showing Paul How to Write a Song
Show Details7min 54s
S4E03 | Waiting in Vain
Show Details7min 38s
S4E02 | They Smilin' in Your Face
Show Details8min 16s
S4E01 | The Four-Legged Snake
Show Details9min 17s
S3E10 | Always Expect the Unexpected
Show Details10min 14s
S3E09 | I Gotta Get to the Gym!
Show Details7min 3s
S3E08 | Create Your Destiny
Show Details6min 55s
S3E07 | There's Always a Way
Show Details9min 14s
S3E06 | Seeing is Believing!
Show Details7min 20s
S3E05 | He Sure Had a Lot of Gall
Show Details10min 48s
S3E04 | A Man of Great Ambition
Show Details7min 59s
S3E03 | Go For Broke!
Show Details9min 57s
S3E02 | So Sorry!
Show Details9min 3s
S3E01 | True to His Word
Show Details10min 42s
S2E10 | You Smell That?
Show Details7min 3s
S2E09 | Whole Lotta Love
Show Details10min 36s
S2E08 | Give it All You Got!
Show Details7min 50s
S2E07 | Double Sorrow
Show Details7min 21s
S2E06 | I Love You Man!
Show Details8min
S2E05 | A Man of Great Inability
Show Details9min 5s
S2E04 | Surrounded!
Show Details10min
S2E03 | Stop Wasting Time
Show Details8min 19s
S2E02 | I Can't Get it Out of My Head
Show Details8min 48s
S2E01 | Too Rich For My Blood
Show Details8min 52s
S1E10 | Betting the Bank
Show Details9min 8s
S1E09 | Payback!
Show Details9min 25s
S1E08 | The Hu and the Hu
Show Details8min 12s
S1E07 | The Entourage
Show Details9min 57s
S1E06 | Welcome to the Jar
Show Details8min 26s
S1E05 | Should I Save or Should I Throw?
Show Details8min 37s
S1E04 | A Lousy Place to Fish
Show Details7min 13s
S1E03 | A Sincere Gift of a Mere Trifle
Show Details9min 52s
S1E02 | Fen-Wise and Yuan-Foolish
Show Details9min 56s
S1E01 | Take Care in That Melon Field
Show Details6min 46s
Welcome to the Chinese Sayings Podcast
Show Details4min 25s