The View BotCast

_Slate, MicahVarietyChannel, and Tech Nate host a podcast where they answer questions by their fans. Something is probably going to go wrong here.


#8: Marbles, Board Games, and is Spongebob Adopted?
Show Details38min 32s
#7: Tech Nate and Micah Talk YouTube for 50 Minutes
Show Details49min 35s
#6: sofia the first, Pulp, and our Desert Island Wishes
Show Details40min 33s
#5: Dugishdub, Video Games, and Why Golf Isn’t Called Golfball
Show Details38min 45s
#4: Let’s Talk About The Tech Nate Talent Show
Show Details48min 59s
#3: aar0123, Superpowers, and How We Met Each Other
Show Details45min 40s
#2: tornhat, our Favorite Ice Cream Flavors, and Cars
Show Details43min 42s
#1: Fortnite, iPhone vs. Android, and our Favorite Music Genres
Show Details43min 46s