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living healthy longer

We’re decoding the science of healthy aging, bringing it out of the lab and into the homes of a broader public. living healthy longer covers the latest in the biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of getting older—from research happening at Colorado State University, to interventions and community programs supporting our ever-growing, aging population, to news headlines that challenge what we thought we knew about aging. Join hosts from the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging at Colorado State University as we break down what science says about living a longer, healthier life. 


Connecting Through Dance with Lisa Morgan
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Yoga and Brain Injury with Drs. Jaclyn Stephens and Arlene Schmid
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The Bio-Aging Study with Dr. Tom LaRocca
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Lifespan Technology Use with Dr. Adela Chen
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Aging Policy in Colorado with Jodi Waterhouse
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Regenerative Medicine 2.0 with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart
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Financial Security and Cognitive Health with Dr. Eric Chess
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An Aging Workforce with Dr. Gwen Fisher
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Big Data and Health Inequities with Dr. Audrey Ruple
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Cancer and Aging with Dr. James DeGregori
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Trauma from Dogs to People with Dr. Kelly Hall
Show Details35min 39s
Aging in Place with Dr. Maria Delgado
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Communication at End of Life with Dr. Jen Currin-McCulloch
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Best Advice for Healthy Aging: Season 1 Finale
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The Colorado Longitudinal Study with Meredith Guerrero
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Hospital-at-Home Healthcare with Dr. Christine Lum Lung
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Dr. Christine Lum Lung, CEO and founder of Origin Healthcare, introduces us to the hospital-at-home model of healthcare, which is bringing high-level, multidisciplinary care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. We discuss how hospital-at-home is different than a typical inpatient hospital stay, and how the current healthcare landscape is pushing providers toward new ways of delivering healthcare.

34min 7s
Published Oct 4, 2021 at 6:00am
Anti-Aging Diets with Dr. Devin Wahl
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Nutrition Tips for Healthy Aging with Shelby Cox
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Arthritis from Dogs to People with Dr. Felix Duerr
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The Benefits of Yoga with Dr. Arlene Schmid
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How a Hug Transformed Pandemic Isolation with Peggy Budai
Show Details29min 23s
The Importance of Social Connection with Dr. Gloria Luong
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Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration with Dr. Julie Moreno
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Aging in Outer Space with Dr. Susan Bailey
Show Details48min 28s
Microbiome and Aging with Dr. Tara Cepon Robins
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Stroke Awareness with Dr. Neha Lodha
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Nature-Based Interventions for Cognitive Decline with Dr. Becca Lassell
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The One Health Approach with Dr. Sue VandeWoude
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A Lifespan Developmental Scientist on Healthy Aging with Dr. Lise Youngblade
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Hormonal Programming with Dr. Stuart Tobet
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The Science of Team Science with Dr. Jeni Cross
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Healthy Muscle Aging with Dr. Karyn Hamilton
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Cognitive Decline Isn't Destined with Dr. Deana Davalos
Show Details56min 2s
Biology of Healthspan with Dr. Tom LaRocca
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Hallmarks of Aging with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart
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Introducing: living healthy longer
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