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Awaken Life is a weekly podcast featuring the most recent sermons from Awaken Life Church.


Growth Principles | Rewind (Part 2)
Show Details30min 8s
Love and Relationships | Rewind (Part 1)
Show Details45min 30s
Works and Fruit | Galatians (Part 5)
Show Details1hr 9min
Adopted | Galatians (Part 4)
Show Details44min 19s
Faith Alone | Galatians (Part 3)
Show Details39min 40s
Are We Ok With God | Galatians (Part 2)
Show Details46min 13s
A Passionate Leader | Galatians (Part 1)
Show Details45min 19s
A Crown Without A Cross
Show Details47min 56s
All In
Show Details46min 32s
Into The Unknown
Show Details21min 43s
A Tale of Two Prophets | Stranger Stories
Show Details1hr 1min
The Wandering Assassin | Stranger Stories
Show Details45min 53s
Furry Vengeance | Stranger Stories
Show Details1hr
Wrestling With God | Stranger Stories
Show Details47min 11s
Sarah: Mother Of Nations | She is Called (Part 2)
Show Details53min 55s
Ruth: A Noble Woman | She is Called (Part 1)
Show Details30min 38s
Strength & Dignity | Coffee Mug Christianity (Part 5)
Show Details45min
Hope And A Future | Coffee Mug Christianity (Part 4)
Show Details38min 49s
Be Joyful Always | Coffee Mug Christianity (Part 3)
Show Details54min 40s
Do All Things | Coffee Mug Christianity (Part 2)
Show Details58min 40s
God So Loved | Coffee Mug Christianity (Part 1)
Show Details47min 57s
Face The Heat | Walking In The Fire (Part 2)
Show Details48min 19s
Don't Sell Out | Walking In The Fire (Part 1)
Show Details41min 11s
Fan The Flames | Fired Up (Part 2)
Show Details50min 21s
Fatherhood | Parenthood (Part 2)
Show Details42min 57s
Fired Up (Part 1)
Show Details47min 10s
The Purpose of Pentecost
Show Details54min 32s
Ascension Matters
Show Details52min 45s
Show Details45min 11s
Will God Still Love Me If I'm Depressed (Part 3)
Show Details44min 11s
Motherhood | Parenthood (Part 1)
Show Details32min 29s
Will God Still Love Me If I'm Angry (Part 2)
Show Details50min 24s
Will God Still Love Me If I Mess Up (Part 1)
Show Details51min 33s
Living Hope
Show Details45min 11s
Honour | Before The Cross (Part 3)
Show Details34min 25s
Follow | Before The Cross (Part 2)
Show Details44min 16s
Glory | Before The Cross (Part 1)
Show Details28min 51s
Engage (Part 2)
Show Details42min 37s
Engage (Part 1)
Show Details39min 51s
Choosing Faith
Show Details40min 20s
Love Your Spouse | XOXO (Part 4)
Show Details39min 36s
Love Your Enemy | XOXO (Part 3)
Show Details39min 16s
Love Your Friend | XOXO (Part 2)
Show Details33min 53s
Love Your Neighbour | XOXO (Part 1)
Show Details57min 30s
Disturbance | Upside Down (Part 3)
Show Details45min 39s
Impact | Upside Down (Part 2)
Show Details48min 26s
Threat | Upside Down (Part 1)
Show Details51min 30s
Growth Checklist
Show Details50min 23s
Foundations for 2022
Show Details23min 38s
Joy & Gratitude | Simply Christmas (Part 3)
Show Details22min 39s
A Long Journey | Simply Christmas (Part 2)
Show Details28min 45s
The Anticipated Messiah | Simply Christmas (Part 1)
Show Details27min 43s
King & Kingdom | Rewind (Part 3)
Show Details38min 22s
Salvation Matters | Rewind (Part 2)
Show Details43min 15s
A Challenging Year | Rewind (Part 1)
Show Details36min 23s
Colossal Calling | Colossal (Part 4)
Show Details51min 3s
Colossal Challenge | Colossal (Part 3)
Show Details50min 12s
Colossal Authority | Colossal (Part 2)
Show Details53min 45s
A Colossal Saviour | Colossal (Part 1)
Show Details54min 42s
Who I Am
Show Details22min 2s
Like A Child
Show Details26min 42s
Show Details25min 37s
The Lion Chaser | Stranger Stories (Part 4)
Show Details22min 25s
The Floating Axe | Stranger Stories (Part 3)
Show Details31min 36s
The Walking Dead | Stranger Stories (Part 2)
Show Details26min 35s
The Talking Donkey | Stranger Stories (Part 1)
Show Details31min 51s
Don't Stop
Show Details20min 56s
Show Details22min 15s
Built To Last
Show Details23min 53s
Reach Out
Show Details25min 5s
Facing Winter
Show Details29min 5s
Our Father
Show Details21min 49s
Draw Near
Show Details23min 7s
Single Minded
Show Details23min 47s
Riding The Wave
Show Details18min 56s
The Forgotten Son
Show Details23min 26s
A Father’s Love
Show Details28min 58s
Don’t Lose Hope
Show Details29min 44s
We Are Family
Show Details25min 27s
Show Details17min 40s
Here To Stay
Show Details22min 23s
Show Details24min 26s
Our King | The Work of Christ (Part 3)
Show Details28min 25s
Our Priest | The Work of Christ (Part 2)
Show Details25min 4s
Our Saviour | The Work of Christ (Part 1)
Show Details24min 16s
Restored & Renewed
Show Details21min 7s
Behind Locked Doors
Show Details31min 16s
Show Details16min 47s
Seven Words
Show Details20min 7s
Show Details25min 25s
They Missed It
Show Details25min 9s
The First Miracle
Show Details21min 37s
After The Storm
Show Details19min 12s
Be Alert
Show Details27min 51s
Show Details25min 57s
The Blessed Hope
Show Details31min 24s
Perfect Love
Show Details31min 57s
Show Details25min 47s
Your Choice
Show Details20min 56s
Go Boldly Into The Unknown
Show Details19min 11s
Show Details13min 25s
The Table
Show Details12min 18s
Hello 2021
Show Details16min 1s
Show Details15min 52s
Worship | Christmas Gifts (Part 4)
Show Details15min 23s
Gold | Christmas Gifts (Part 3)
Show Details21min
Myrrh | Christmas Gifts (Part 2)
Show Details19min 44s
Frankincense | Christmas Gifts (Part 1)
Show Details20min 52s
Celebrate Life
Show Details25min 10s
Facing Uncertain Times
Show Details17min 30s
True Freedom
Show Details18min 20s
Dealing With Doubt
Show Details22min 8s
Be Like Jesus
Show Details19min 14s
Spiritual Practices
Show Details21min 29s
Tired & Oppressed
Show Details19min 4s
The Invitation
Show Details26min 50s
A New Normal
Show Details20min 46s
A New Hope
Show Details20min 7s
A New Direction
Show Details16min 2s
A New Life
Show Details22min 36s
A New Season
Show Details22min 15s
The Noble Woman
Show Details23min 14s
Now What?
Show Details27min 19s
Show Details28min 23s
One More Year
Show Details27min 47s
Less Is More
Show Details30min 52s
Authentic Community
Show Details31min 38s
Wrecked (Part 2)
Show Details26min 20s
Wrecked (Part 1)
Show Details36min 15s
While I Wait
Show Details19min 53s
Be Driven
Show Details24min 51s
Our Father
Show Details27min 57s
Unsettled (Part 2)
Show Details28min 13s
Unsettled (Part 1)
Show Details26min 9s
On Fire
Show Details24min 49s
Accomplished | 40 Days (Part 4)
Show Details20min 54s
Redeemed | 40 Days (Part 3)
Show Details29min 27s
Unexpected | 40 Days (Part 2)
Show Details24min 16s
Facts | 40 Days (Part 1)
Show Details23min 28s
How God Speaks
Show Details33min 4s
Show Details23min 5s
Alive & Well | Easter Sunday
Show Details17min 52s
Good Friday Message
Show Details16min 24s
Last Supper Service
Show Details24min 19s
Save Us | Palm Sunday
Show Details26min 3s
Faith Over Fear (Part 2)
Show Details21min 33s
Faith Over Fear (Part 1)
Show Details25min 21s
Generosity | Back To Basics (Part 7)
Show Details37min 51s
Worship | Back To Basics (Part 6)
Show Details32min 20s
Prayer | Back To Basics (Part 5)
Show Details48min 9s
The Bible | Back To Basics (Part 4)
Show Details41min 49s
Faith | Back To Basics (Part 3)
Show Details44min 46s
Why Church? | Back To Basics (Part 2)
Show Details50min 57s
Discipleship | Back To Basics (Part 1)
Show Details46min 7s
Hand It Over
Show Details28min 26s
Winning Practicies
Show Details37min 45s
Thanksgiving: An Eternal Practice
Show Details24min 45s
The Greatest Gift
Show Details19min 41s
The Supernatural | Missing at Christmas (Part 2)
Show Details25min 3s
Amazement | Missing at Christmas (Part 1)
Show Details24min 28s
Thank Him for The Blood
Show Details24min 34s
Christmas or Xmas?
Show Details29min 35s
The Problem with Christmas
Show Details27min 20s
The Lord's Supper
Show Details44min 31s
Why Dedication
Show Details44min 6s
Your Way, Not Mine
Show Details45min 21s
Live with Courage
Show Details37min 24s
Running with Passion
Show Details46min 35s
Show Details40min 27s
4 Truths of Life
Show Details45min 1s
New Enemies | New Life (Part 4)
Show Details43min 50s
Becoming Who You Are | New Life (Part 3)
Show Details38min 57s
A New Mandate | New Life (Part 2)
Show Details36min 3s
Realities | New Life (Part 1)
Show Details44min 10s
Social Relationships | Against The Flow (Part 3)
Show Details49min 28s
I Dare You To Be Different | Youth Fest 2019
Show Details26min 37s
I Dare You To Stand Up | Youth Fest 2019
Show Details28min 35s
Fearless Because | Youth Fest 2019
Show Details28min 50s
I Dare You To Make a Choice | Youth Fest 2019
Show Details44min 26s
Knowing The Real You | Against The Flow (Part 2)
Show Details40min 17s
What God Really Wants | Against The Flow (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 3min
Power of Prayer
Show Details51min 1s
Increasing Your Faith
Show Details39min 3s
Experiencing God's Power
Show Details37min 53s
Moses | Old Testament Heroes (Part 2)
Show Details27min 59s
Abraham | Old Testament Heroes (Part 1)
Show Details25min 29s
Holy Spirit Power
Show Details25min 1s
What Jesus Heard From The Father
Show Details33min 41s
It’s Not About You
Show Details35min 19s
Knowing The Holy Spirit
Show Details49min 57s
A Time To Wait
Show Details41min 58s
One Heart for Discipleship | One Heart (Part 4)
Show Details44min 27s
One Heart for The Lost | One Heart (Part 3)
Show Details52min 43s
One Heart for God's People | One Heart (Part 2)
Show Details39min 6s
One Heart for God | One Heart (Part 1)
Show Details43min 17s
Knowing God’s Providence
Show Details42min 48s
Our King | Easter Sunday
Show Details36min 34s
Snakes in the Desert | Last Supper Message
Show Details41min 11s
The Humble King
Show Details40min 59s
Mental Health | You Asked For It (Part 7)
Show Details47min 27s
Forgiveness & Fear | You Asked For It (Part 6)
Show Details19min 5s
Marriage, Family & Relationships | You Asked For It (Part 5)
Show Details21min 7s
My Calling & Purpose | You Asked For It (Part 4)
Show Details29min 27s
Understanding the Bible | You Asked For It (Part 3)
Show Details35min 15s
Hearing God's Voice | You Asked For It (Part 2)
Show Details47min 27s
Effective Prayer | You Asked For It (Part 1)
Show Details48min 28s
Money Matters | Stewards Together (Part 2)
Show Details45min 31s
The Three Attitudes | Stewards Together (Part 1)
Show Details43min 33s
Finishing Well | Ready, Set, Go (Part 3)
Show Details37min 4s
Maintaining the Pace | Ready, Set, Go (Part 2)
Show Details33min 17s
Starting Strong | Ready, Set, Go (Part 1)
Show Details37min 27s
New Start, New Heart
Show Details34min 53s