Avarius Media

A podcast that you can listen to while you work and perhaps get a little insight. I am opinionated and I enjoy having a dialog with people that disagree with me. I am not trying to change your mind, but I am hoping that we can find common ground together. I don’t rule out discussing politics on occasion. It is not the primary focus of the podcast, but there will be conversation resulting from politics. Perhaps some religion. Definitely Sci-Fi and other Fictions. My mind is full of ideas and I want to share them with you. Let’s grow this together. 


11 - Chaos
Show Details25min 12s
10 - Fear
Show Details19min 52s
09 - Magik
Show Details32min 17s
08 - Melancholy
Show Details23min 11s
07 - Unfinished
Show Details10min 57s
06 - Perfect World
Show Details30min 7s
05 - Bike Camper
Show Details14min 15s
04 - Over Earth
Show Details17min 4s
03 - Waking Meditation
Show Details12min 15s
02 - (Bonus) Setting up RedCircle and Distribution
Show Details14min 16s
01 - Welcome
Show Details14min 58s