Aut of the Closet

Don’t be shy! Come on Aut of the Closet! If you’re autistic, you have the right to experience freedom, a renewed mindset, and to voice your need and concerns for a safe environment, accommodations, and the right to live an abundant life. Aut of the Closet is an actually autistic Canadian podcast from Winnipeg Manitoba which advocates on behalf of neurodiversity and autism to a planet who continues to learn about who we are as autistics!


The Hair-Raising Legend of the Autistic Dark Web
Show Details24min 56s
Autistics For Hire (Autistics and the Workplace)
Show Details20min
You Don't Speak For Us (AotC VS Autism Speaks)
Show Details31min 4s
Be Yourself ... Just Like Everyone Else
Show Details15min 40s
Sickness, Inward Focus, ABA, and Clearing Things Up
Show Details19min 4s
Becoming a Sustained Autie
Show Details15min 20s
Woke About Wakefield
Show Details30min 54s
Why I Finally Decided to Embrace Autism
Show Details17min 58s