Audio Orgasms

An Erotic podcast, that is nothing but sex stories, written and narrated by me. If you like what you hear and would like to buy the episodes, they are available for purchase here:


Episode 10 Morning Shower
Show Details6min 35s
Episode 9. Bathroom Floor
Show Details9min 12s
Episode 8 Good Morning
Show Details5min 56s
Episode 7 Morning After
Show Details20min 8s
Episode 6 After The Picnic
Show Details10min 1s
Episode 5. Picnic
Show Details22min 13s
Episode 4 Waking For Breakfast
Show Details10min 10s
Episode 3 Morning Love Continues
Show Details6min 28s
Episode 2 Morning Love
Show Details8min 16s
Episode 1 Quicky for Martina
Show Details8min 18s
Audio Orgasms Introdiction
Show Details36s