Audiogyan (founded in 2016) is a collection of conversations with luminaries of the Indian creative world. It’s a passion project to document thoughts and ideas of Indian designers, artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, and luminaries of the creative world.


Cognitive Gym with Anand Gandhi (4th Anniversary episode)
Show Details33min 56s
From Graphics to Textile, with Sujata Keshavan
Show Details56min 51s
Transport design with Dhawal Ashar
Show Details1hr 3min
Commitment to Kashmir with Devika Krishnan (ACS)
Show Details1hr 5min
Synthesis of standardization with Neelkanth Chhaya
Show Details54min 14s
Travel Writing with Shivaji Das
Show Details49min 46s
Value centered design in Digital space with Navneet Nair
Show Details51min 13s
Designing temples with A Srivathsan
Show Details50min 30s
"Painter of people" with Sudhir Patwardhan (200 EP)
Show Details48min 14s
Brands and brand building with Karno Guhathakurta
Show Details53min
Designing logo for the government with Tarun Deep Girdher
Show Details1hr 15min
Language and translation with Jayashree Joshi
Show Details1hr 6min
MUBI - Case study with Svetlana Naudiyal
Show Details37min 46s
Chawls of Mumbai with Rupali Gupte
Show Details50min 5s
One knot at a time (Jaipur Rugs) with Nand Kishore Chaudhary and Kavita Chaudhary
Show Details57min 53s
Education through theatre with Geetanjali Kulkarni (Marathi)
Show Details49min 20s
Book Cover design by Pinaki De
Show Details1hr 1min
Animation and thought behind it with Debjyoti Saha
Show Details34min 10s
What is contemporary dance? With Ashley Lobo
Show Details42min 26s
34: Satyajit Ray; The Graphic Designer with Pinaki De
Show Details1hr 15min
33: Spark of pedagogy with Prem Chandavarkar
Show Details42min 42s
32: What is Posterphilia? with Jahan Singh Bakshi
Show Details59min 29s
31: Inclov case study with Kalyani Khona
Show Details49min 48s
30: Mixed media design with Isha Pimpalkhare
Show Details34min 5s
29: What is curation? with Ram Rahman
Show Details47min 6s
28: Can painters be illustrators? With Pratap Chalke (Marathi)
Show Details29min 12s
27: St+Art movement with Hanif Kureshi
Show Details42min 33s
26: [ACS] Ragya with Aditya Dipankar
Show Details47min 5s
24: Design as continuum with Naveen Bagalkot
Show Details49min 24s
22: Kyoorius Designyatra Case study with Rajesh Kejriwal
Show Details51min 52s
20: Is cooking an art or a craft? With Ashwin Ramachandran
Show Details58min 40s
19: Making of March Tee with Ashish Acharya & Abhay Singh
Show Details41min 48s
25: Designing educational institutions with Bijoy Ramachandran
Show Details52min 40s
23: Anatomy of Rap with SIRI
Show Details23min 35s
18: Design Philosophy of March Tee with Ashish Acharya & Abhay Singh
Show Details33min 31s
21: Knowing Raja Ravi Varma’s human side with Manu S. Pillai
Show Details51min 50s
17: [ACS] Building Asphalt; Gojek’s design system with Abhinit Tiwari
Show Details53min 51s
16: Abstract paintings & photography with Hari Katragadda
Show Details43min 58s
15: Indian Gig Poster Archive with Mohini Mukherjee [ACS]
Show Details36min 52s
14: Vijay Tendulkar Biography by Ramu Ramanathan (Part 2)
Show Details23min 49s
13: Vijay Tendulkar Biography by Ramu Ramanathan (Part 1)
Show Details56min 18s
12: Short form poetry with Pooja, Sanket and Rochelle
Show Details1hr 31min
11: [ACS] Tenpoints Braille with Rajdeepgiri Goswami (Hindi)
Show Details41min 31s
10: Subtext in comics with Appupen
Show Details1hr 3min
9: Bollywood art project with Ranjit Dahiya (ACS) (Hindi)
Show Details42min 42s
8: Think Matter with Ruturaj Parikh
Show Details57min 25s
7: On canvas and off canvas with Parag Borse [Marathi]
Show Details58min 24s
6: How brands are built with Ambi Parameswaran
Show Details41min 49s
5: Public architecture with Eli Giannini
Show Details32min 3s
4: Designing a visual guide with Ruchita Madhok
Show Details41min 15s
3: Framing and philosophy with Prashant Godbole
Show Details41min 58s
2: Maximalist contrarian - Shweta Malhotra
Show Details31min 25s
1: Letter design and multilingual branding with Sulekha Rajkumar
Show Details39min 24s
54: India’s type hero - R.K. Joshi (Audiogyan turns 3)
Show Details1hr 16min
53: Font licensing and more with Tanya George
Show Details42min 40s
52: Designing play areas with Anjali Menon
Show Details35min 40s
51: Stories behind photographs with Chirodeep Chaudhuri
Show Details59min 33s
51: Trash talk with dina Amin
Show Details29min 9s
50: Messages from with Anthony Burrill.
Show Details21min 21s
49: Artwork and it’s medium with Aditya Mehta
Show Details30min 32s
48: Art walk and talk with Alisha Sadikot
Show Details33min 55s
47: Importance of archives with Sanghamitra Chatterjee
Show Details47min 35s
46: Building BFT brand with Saurav Roy (Case Study)
Show Details42min 18s
45: Importance of hand made tiles with Firdaus Variava
Show Details29min 53s
44: Form, substance and tech with Tej Chauhan
Show Details15min 1s
43: Puppetry’s landscape in Bangalore with Anupama Hoskere
Show Details37min 7s
42: Nuances of motion in interface design with Saptarshi Prakash
Show Details30min 4s
41: Where do ideas come from? With Sidharth Rao.
Show Details36min 40s
40: Architecture & films with Rohan Shivkumar
Show Details45min 55s
39: Colours and communities with Sarover Zaidi
Show Details44min 27s
38: Thoughts on Music by Mohi Bahauddin Dagar
Show Details38min 45s
37: Goan architecture and more with Meetu Akali
Show Details35min 22s
36: Understanding Rudra Veena with Mohi Baha'ud-din Dagar
Show Details34min 46s
35: Insights into the world of Indian Signages with Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Show Details39min 27s
34: Indic Typefaces and more with Kimya Gandhi
Show Details43min 48s
33: Jazz in India with Denzil Smith
Show Details30min 6s
32: “Context" in the world of architecture with Sameep Padora - Part 2
Show Details24min 49s
31: “Context" in the world of architecture with Sameep Padora - Part 1
Show Details27min 57s
30: Designing for Blind with Upasana Makati
Show Details50min 32s
29: Illustrating Human figures with Priyanka Karyekar
Show Details32min 23s
28: Youth Theatre of India with Quasar Thakore Padamsee & Toral Shah
Show Details57min 7s
27: Story behind Thespo with Quasar Thakore Padamsee & Toral Shah
Show Details59min 27s
26: Before and after of an interior project with Sarah Sham
Show Details44min 51s
25: New and Old school design with Ashwini Deshpande
Show Details51min 14s
24: Industrial design of the 80’s in India with Ashok Panwalkar
Show Details1hr
23: Thoughts on Design Education in India with Dhimant Panchal
Show Details1hr 1min
22: Architecture & humans with Manish Banker
Show Details39min 3s
21: Podcasting, a craft with Amit Doshi & Kavita Rajwade
Show Details37min 25s
20: What does it take to become a illustrator with Lokesh Karekar
Show Details28min 50s
19: Knowing Puppetry as an art form with Dadi Pudumjee
Show Details30min 39s
18: Design and philosophy at Baro with Siddharth Sirohi
Show Details43min 4s
17: [ACS - 06] NewtonMail made in India loved by the world with Umesh Gopinath
Show Details46min 15s
16: Understanding abstract drawings with Sajid Wajid Shaikh
Show Details38min 35s
15: World of Indian graphic design with Pavithra Dikshit
Show Details36min 55s
14: Playing with different materials with Aziz Kachwalla
Show Details38min 1s
13: Dreams of animation world in India with E Suresh
Show Details45min 25s
12: Designing with cardboard with Haresh Mehta
Show Details30min 6s
11: About "Mumbai Theatre Guide" with Deepa Punjani
Show Details54min 59s
10: Food styling & designing with Payal Gupta
Show Details43min 49s
9: Indian Memory project and more with Anusha Yadav.
Show Details31min 12s
8: [ACS 05] Documenting Kumbh Mela with Deshna Mehta - Part 2
Show Details45min 13s
7: [ACS 05] Documenting Kumbh Mela with Deshna Mehta - Part 1
Show Details31min 59s
6: [ACS 04] Swiggy’s Design Philosophy and more… With Srinath Rangamani
Show Details40min 16s
4: [ACS 03] Blackbuck is designing for technology challenged users - Viraj Verma
Show Details38min 53s
3: Designing interiors for your city with Ayaz Basrai
Show Details42min 25s
5: Audiogyan turns 2 - Top 5 insights from 2018
Show Details10min 18s
2: [ACS 02] : Art behind Sacred Games title sequence with Aniruddh Mehta
Show Details27min 46s
1: [ACS 01] - "the table that almost wasn’t" with Ajay Shah
Show Details46min 2s
50: India’s Design Hero - Prof. Balkrishna Doshi.
Show Details36min 41s
49: Understanding materials while designing products with Fenny Ganatra.
Show Details29min 54s
48: Thoughts on Design with Sudhakar Nadkarni
Show Details34min 34s
47: Insights into world on Pune Theatre with Nipun Dharmadhikari
Show Details38min 15s
46: Art of dissent with Orijit Sen
Show Details40min 25s
45: Speaking as an art form with Dhanashree Lele - Part 2 (Marathi)
Show Details40min 22s
44: Speaking as an art form with Dhanashree Lele - Part 1 (Marathi)
Show Details40min 21s
43: Nuances of Toy Design with Suhasini Paul
Show Details31min 48s
42: Understanding murals with Harshavardhan Kadam
Show Details35min 46s
41: Importance of building Design communities in India with Sudhir Sharma
Show Details26min 37s
40: Furniture design in India with Shrikant Nivsarkar
Show Details44min 31s
39: Nuances of being an actor with Rajit Kapur
Show Details21min 12s
38: Nuances of drawing with Nilofer Suleman
Show Details21min 43s
37: Design of Bangalore with Naresh Narasimhan
Show Details42min 2s
36: DesignUp special
Show Details27min 18s
35: Insights into the world of RJ with Shrikant Joshi
Show Details34min 30s
34: Webcomics and more with Manek D’Silva
Show Details36min 8s
33: Is it possible to write critically in today’s time with Makarand Sathe
Show Details36min 6s
32: Role of design in startups with Jay Dutta
Show Details32min 26s
31: Design thinking in Indian context with Ashish Deshpande
Show Details37min 15s
30: Street art movement in India with Giulia Ambrogi
Show Details37min 23s
29: Insights into English theatre with Rahul Da Cunha
Show Details40min 51s
28: Furniture design, bamboo and more… with Pravinsinh Solanki
Show Details33min 7s
27: Introduction to stop motion animation with Dhimant Vyas (Hindi)
Show Details31min 30s
26: Insights into webcomics with Aarthi Parthasarathy
Show Details30min 42s
25: Theatre and more with Atul Pethe
Show Details50min 29s
24: Discussing Design and art with Ranganath Krishnamani.
Show Details42min 10s
23: Cartoon and illustrations with Alicia Souza.
Show Details25min 7s
21: Introduction to sculpture with Arzan Khambatta
Show Details19min 19s
20: Process of designing story books and illustrations with Samidha Gunjal (Marathi)
Show Details39min 39s
19: State of animation in India with Vaibhav Kumaresh
Show Details43min 24s
18: Indian Typefaces with Noopur Datye
Show Details18min 57s
22: Murals, painting and more… with Amitabh Kumar
Show Details27min 40s
17: Language and typography with Kruti Saraiya
Show Details43min 31s
16: What is Baul? With Uttara Chousalkar
Show Details39min 10s
15: Landscape of animation in India with Nina Sabnani.
Show Details28min 59s
14: Everybody is an artist - with Ankita Shinde
Show Details30min 41s
13: Insights into Calligraphy and Modi script with Achyut Palav
Show Details49min 48s
12: Comic strips and more with Ashvini Menon
Show Details31min 18s
11: Understanding Ergonomics with Prof. Gaur Gopal Ray.
Show Details45min 34s
10: Understanding watch design with Mahendra Chauhan
Show Details26min 28s
9: Discussing intersection of design, art and philosophy with Miti Desai
Show Details41min 18s
8: Role of Design in society with Uday Athavankar
Show Details45min 20s
7: Understanding censorship in Marathi plays with Arun Nalawade (Marathi)
Show Details37min 1s
6: Different aspects of painting with Sumantra Mukherjee
Show Details37min 21s
5: Exploring Filmosophy with Amrit Gangar
Show Details1hr 18min
4: Canvas of Thumri with Dhanashree Pandit Rai
Show Details29min 48s
3: Understanding the thought behind plays that voice their dissent with Sunil Shanbag
Show Details24min 55s
2: Conversation with Designer of Everyday Objects, Paul Sandip
Show Details27min 42s
1: Understanding calligraphy and it’s nuances with Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar
Show Details54min 57s
50: Audiogyan turns 1 - Best of 2017
Show Details27min 16s
49: Understanding Product and Design with Hrush Bhatt
Show Details29min 40s
48: Philosophical perspective on Indian Education System with Vikram Gahlot (Part 2)
Show Details47min 52s
47: Philosophical perspective on Indian Education System with Vikram Gahlot (Part 1)
Show Details49min 51s
46: Kulture Shop and Indian art scene with Kunal Anand and Arjun Charanjiva
Show Details39min 10s
45: Education of typography within Indian landscape with G V Sreekumar
Show Details28min 54s
44: Understanding painter’s perspective with Deelip Khomane (Marathi)
Show Details23min 57s
43: Introduction to architecture and it’s various aspects with Pavitra Sriprakash
Show Details31min 22s
42: Introduction to icons with Ameya SK
Show Details31min 46s
41: Understanding relationship between ad filmmakers and creative agencies with Veena Bakshi
Show Details34min 34s
40: Understanding patterns & geometry in design with Aziza Iqbal
Show Details32min 17s
39: Introduction to Industrial design with Narendra Ghate
Show Details39min 45s
38: Understanding image-making with Manu Ambady
Show Details28min 2s
37: Insights into illustrations with Mira Malhotra
Show Details35min 35s
36: Understanding poetry with Manav Kaul
Show Details30min 44s
35: Understanding Indie Cinema landscape with Rajat Kapoor.
Show Details24min 51s
34: Understanding Desi-Toys with Swapna Wagh
Show Details20min 11s
33: Is medium really the message? with Gangadharan Menon
Show Details33min 40s
32: Understanding type design with Shiva Nallaperumal
Show Details31min 43s
31: Nuances of simple design with Sunit Singh
Show Details14min 49s
30: What it means to be an artist with Aarohi Singh
Show Details1hr 9min
29: Understanding stage life characters with Ramu Ramanathan
Show Details42min 26s
28: Understanding voicing and dubbing in a nutshell with Prasad Phanse
Show Details20min 22s
27: Fundamental similarities and differences between Hindustani and Carnatic Classical Music
Show Details1hr 27min
26: Epistemology of voice & music - Part 2 with Pt Shrikant Ranade
Show Details1hr 14min
25: Efforts behind effortless acting with Dilip Prabhavalkar
Show Details39min 36s
24: Understanding Raag Vyawastha with Pt. Chandrakant Limaye
Show Details26min 46s
23: ABCDEF (Epistemology) of voice & music with Shrikant Ranade - Introduction (Marathi)
Show Details1hr 6min
22: Understanding motorcycle design with Chetan Shedjale
Show Details41min 9s
21: Part - 1 Understanding 22Shrutis with Dr. Vidyadhar Oke
Show Details42min 36s
20: Part - 2 Understanding 22Shrutis with Dr. Vidyadhar Oke
Show Details41min 51s
19: Understanding fonts and typefaces with Mahendra Patel
Show Details35min 37s
18: Resurgence of Marathi poetry in Mumbai with Sanket Mhatre
Show Details26min 44s
17: Need of a Guru with Guru Bhanumati
Show Details46min 32s
16: Is there a real digital solution with Saket Vaidya
Show Details20min 23s
15: Understanding Tabla and it's nuances with Pt. Sudhir Mainkar
Show Details1hr 13min
14: Epistemology of design in India with Anirudha Joshi
Show Details56min 46s
13: Last temptations of an actor with Atul Kulkarni
Show Details21min 37s
12: English-Bandhish With Kiran Phatak (Marathi)
Show Details28min 27s
11: Radhika Phanse
Show Details19min 38s
10: Design nuances of Indian Rupee Symbol with Uday Kumar
Show Details17min 46s
9: What is tone of voice with Kruthika Subramanyam
Show Details11min 1s
8: Creative challenges with Varun Grover
Show Details22min 31s
7: Nuts and bolts of product with Subramanya Sharma
Show Details24min 1s
6: Voicing as a career option with Sandeep Karnik
Show Details33min 25s
5: Copy, branding & advertising with Anusha Pinto
Show Details33min 54s
4: Traditional Dance; Kathak with Prajakta Sathe
Show Details27min 59s
3: What is Sound Design? with Aditya Sorap
Show Details19min 28s
2: Films & perspectives with Kedar Jape
Show Details19min 11s
1: Theoretical & Practical design with Sharad Patwardhan
Show Details16min 32s