Audio Bites

Audio Bites by Shutter Corp Films is a podcast series that caters to most socio-cultural topics. The show enables their audiences to delve into the variety of subject matter that happens in and out of our society. They also focus on holding an open-ended conversation with their guests, further providing their audiences and themselves an opportunity for comprehensive concept understanding. So far, Audio Bites has 10 episodes, and they wish to continue making more in the future.


Mahabir Pun on Life, Success and Redefining Narratives
Show Details49min 19s
Asmi Shrestha on Power of Stillness, Love and Compassion.
Show Details57min 31s
Trishala Gurung, Skanda Gautam, Sanjay Adhikari on Nepal's Lockdown and COVID-19
Show Details1hr 22min
Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi on Finding Self, Compassion and Power of Resilience
Show Details44min 45s
Syifa Adriana on Rising Wave of Millennial Travelers and Traveling Solo as a Female
Show Details44min 1s
PAN Nepal on Nijgadh International Airport
Show Details53min 41s
GDiipa on Beauty standards, Inner Beauty and Loving Self
Show Details50min 50s
Sandeep Gurung on Mental health, Fitness and Depression
Show Details43min 42s
Shrinkhala Khatiwada on Sexual Harassment, Rape and Me too
Show Details58min 30s
Miruna Lisara Magar on Social Media and Its Impacts
Show Details31min 53s
Malvika Subba on Women Choices and Motherhood
Show Details43min 9s
Lex Limbu on LGBTIQ and Mental Health
Show Details44min 23s