Rise of Ultraman: “Oceans 11 Story Monster” Feat. Alex of Monsters vs Men

1h 8m | Jul 5, 2021

It's time to leave the (TV) Land of Light and dive into the world of Marvel’s Rise of Ultraman! Discussing this new take on the giant of light with us is Alex of Monsters vs. Men, and as always, hijinks ensue. Oh, and Alex's favorite kaiju Skydon returns!

Issues covered:

  • Issues 1-5 of The Rise of Ultraman
  • Writers: Kyle Higgins, Matthew Groom
  • Inkers: G Gurihiru, Michael Cho, Francesco Manna, Ed Mcguinness
  • Pencilers: G Gurihiru, Michael Cho, Francesco Manna, Ed Mcguinness
  • Colorists: G Gurihiru, Michael Cho, Espen Grundetjern
  • Letterer: Vc Ariana Maher
  • Editor: Jeff Youngquist

Where to read:

Podcast cover artwork: Klenda V

Intro: “Ultraman Theme,” composed by Kunio Miyauchi, arranged by Kweer Kaiju.

Outro: “Connect the Truth,” originally performed by Nami Tamaki, composed by Takumi Ozawa, arranged by Arcade Tales.

Theological insight music: “Spark Of Inspiration” by Shane Ivers

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