BONUS: “Revenge of the Nerdist” feat. Kyle Anderson (Nerdist)

1h 5m | Jul 26, 2021

With Kyle being such a WHOge Dr. Who fan, it only made sense to talk about the series and have him try to sell David on trying out the franchise again. Conclusion: it worked. Also on the table: Godzilla vs. Kong, MCU (surprise!), and what it’s like being the geriatric editor for Nerdist.

Kyle’s Twitter:

Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room:

Doctor Who: Five Years Rapid:

Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats:

How Ultraman Wants to Take Over the World (Nerdist Now):

Podcast cover artwork: Klenda V

Intro: “Ultraman Theme,” composed by Kunio Miyauchi, arranged by Kweer Kaiju.

Outro: “Promise for the Future,” originally performed by Tasuku Hatanaka, composed by Watanabe Toru, arranged by Arcade Tales.

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