Ultra Q #1: “Is that a third cat?” feat. Andrew Roebuck

1h 32m | Sep 27, 2021

We start our journey through the Ultra Q zone with tales of terrapin trauma and more cats than you can shake a stick at...

When David and Chris, the bonafide Belial Buds™, asked Mr. Roebuck to be on the show, they didn’t realize what manner of mayhem would ensue, including…well…do you really want to be spoiled?

Episodes covered:

  1. Defeat Gomess!
  2. Goro and Goro
  3. The Gift from Space
  4. Mammoth Flower
  5. Peguila is Here!
  6. Grow up! Little Turtle
  7. S.O.S. Mount Fuji
  8. Terror of the Sweet Honey
  9. Baron Spider
  10. The Underground Super Express Goes West

Where to watch:

Andrew Links:

Triassic Park: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Andrew’s Twitter: I was going to make a scavenger hunt, but that takes a lot of work, and I’m going to exercise my right to be lazy. If you spend about two minutes going through his podcast episode descriptions, you’ll find it!

Podcast cover artwork: Klenda V

Intro: “Ultra Q Theme,” composed by Kunio Miyauchi, arranged by Kweer Kaiju.

Outro: “Promise for the Future,” originally performed by Tasuku Hatanaka, composed by Watanabe Toru, arranged by Arcade Tales.

Theological insight music: “Spark Of Inspiration” by Shane Ivers

Patron appreciation segment music: “Tape Star” by Shane Ivers

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