Ultraseven #4: "Japan runs on Dancan"

1h 3m | Aug 30, 2021

We’ve finally reached the batch of episodes where David quit watching Ultraseven. Is it because of the quality of the show, or was it burnout? And why in the heck haven’t we seen more Crazygon?!

Episodes covered:

30. Glory for Whom?

31. The Flower Where the Devil Dwells

32. The Strolling Planet

33. The Invading Dead

34. The Vanishing City

35. Terror on the Moon

36. A Lethal 0.1 Seconds

37. The Stolen Ultra Eye

38. The Courageous Battle

Where to watch:

Podcast cover artwork: Klenda V

Intro: “Ultraman Theme,” composed by Kunio Miyauchi, arranged by Kweer Kaiju.

Outro: “Promise for the Future,” originally performed by Tasuku Hatanaka, composed by Watanabe Toru, arranged by Arcade Tales.

Theological insight music: “Spark Of Inspiration” by Shane Ivers

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