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Meet Jennifer
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Meet Jasmyn
Show Details32min 37s
Meet Tychiara
Show Details30min 32s
Meet Nhayah Goode
Show Details51min 10s
Meet Michaela
Show Details44min 20s
Meet Nicki Elle
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Meet Keneice D
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EP 10 What is Clubhouse?
Show Details15min 21s
EP 9 Toxic Wokeness
Show Details25min 17s
EP 8 Twerk Culture Degrading or Dancing? True Kitchen + Klassist Debacle
Show Details17min 23s
EP 7 Setting Boundaries
Show Details18min 49s
EP 6 Embrace Your WAP
Show Details39min 58s
EP 5 Election Recap
Show Details18min 34s
EP 4 Presidential debate Recap
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EP 3: Antebellum was a no for me, Sorry!
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EP 2 State of Hip Hop: Misogyny
Show Details19min 43s
Ep. #1 How to stand up against procastication
Show Details13min 22s